Thursday, July 7, 2011

Max Force Vigilante justice?:)

We've been receiving quite a number of emails lately from parents; thank you so much to our readers for taking the time to let us know your thoughts on the toy blaster world and how much you're liking our blog. A few days ago we received one that had me very very amused and I just had to share it with you; this one came from a mother who from our review had bought the Max Force Shadow Hawk for her son...

Dear Pocket and the Urban Taggers clan,

I wanted to write you letting you know I have been a very big fan of your blog for many months, and have taken much of your recommendations and advice on new "blasters" on the market for my kids. They are religious fans of Nerf, while my husband the big kid himself is always going on about the old super soakers he had as a teenager so it is a topic that brings us all together.

Something that I thought was very amusing happened to us last week and I thought I would share it with you even though I normally would not condone this type of behaviour! Suffice to say we've had no retaliation or repeat offences thus far so fingers crossed!

For months, our street has been experiencing considerable amounts of vandalism and graffiti between the walkway outside our house from neighbour hood drunk teen pranksters. It has been difficult to catch them in the act, but the other night we were so lucky as to spot two teenaged boys sitting by the side fence breaking glass bottles and "tagging" the electrical box. Joshua, my 13 year old son was the first to spot them and alerted my other boy Nick who is 16, and my husband Dan.

Now...Dan and I had just given Joshua a new Max Force Shadow Hawk based on your Urban Taggers review, for having fantastic grades at school.

Of course boys being boys Joshua originally went about using it to deal with our pigeon problem in our upstairs balcony but this time around, he decided with his brother and my husband that he would use it for something else. Apparently the vandal and his friend were making quite the ruckus and had been there for a good 5 minutes. Nick and my husband went on to lean out Joshua's bedroom window balcony and under the cover of darkness, proceeded to shoot the vandals (and the fence) with quite a degree of accuracy with the spitwad gun!!

My husband pointed out that due to the Max Force's high velocity firing functionality, the spit wads would just explode on impact but it made it very difficult for the vandals to know where the shots were coming from, let alone in the dark. Unlike Nerf darts, the ammunition was wet and could not be easily identified especially under darkness, and because the bullets were completely disposable so there was no need to retrieve anything afterwards. While it was completely harmless, there was enough of splat on impact to scare the bajeezus out of those ratbags.

My husband and boys came back down stairs quite satisfied with themselves and could not stop talking about it to me all evening. They have gone on to buy more clips and another Shadow Hawk and are interested in other guns in the Max Force line too. As long as it's not in the house, I don't mind!


Sarah J


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! pure awesome right there!

  2. That sounded really fun! More reason too get Max Force guns.

  3. Boo-yah! Now I have got to go out and get a Shadow Hawk...

  4. This is similar to what we did in bright daylight with me and my friend. There was a hobo digging in our next door garbage cans and we scared him of in the middle of the day with my nice bright Vulcan and a maverick to. It was hilarious. He had a knife to. Nerf Vs Knife Nerf wins! Be sure to checkout my YouTube all about Nerf

  5. I knew blaster toys could be good for something other than fun.

  6. I'm not trying to ruin the fun, but why didn't they just call the cops instead?

  7. As if many cops have time to deal with these pesky teens. And even if they do come around, those idiots would have been able to run away. And even if they do get questioned by cops, they most probably just receive a warning and a slap on the hand. Freaking Australian law is just too soft, bring in the Singaporean cane XD

    On the other hand, these people should be careful to shoot unsuspecting people with toy blasters. The law may punish them more so than those idiot teens.

    I'm wondering because these blasters are pull-back firing mechanism, wouldn't the noise be heard by those teens? Trigger fire mechanism would be a lot quieter.

  8. It's dangerous to confront any wrong doer using a toy, so while we at UT DO find this email amusing and I'm really glad it worked out for Mrs Sarah J, I wouldn't be recommending it as best practice:)

  9. So That's who was shooting at me! XD


  11. Epic WINNA! I use it to shoot at pesky possums because they keep eating all the fruit off the trees...
    At least it's not permanent, but it sure does scare them.