Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nerf Whiteout Series: It's official...

"Official photos of the Nerf Whiteout series have now been posted. Keep checking this page for updates on international availability."

Yup, there you have it folks. Today Nerf finally released "official" photos of their Whiteout series on their Facebook page.

Hundreds of msgs and emails I've encountered from readers since JANUARY this year calling my images "fake" and "that's so obviously painted" can now.. well.. change their screen names or pretend their youTube accounts got 'hacked' by trollz:P

That being said.. it's interesting the 'tone' Nerf have used with their's almost like reluctance more than anything else? Maybe their PR person is sick today..


  1. I got The Whitout nite finder from Big W so I know they r real


    Gee i'm getting lazy, not logging in and all

  2. Well how big of a release was it for the sonic series? That is what I figure since the Gear up is major one like the clear series was.

  3. Is this released in Canadian stores as well?