Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Light Strike: All about the weapons + attachments

We've punched out a few quick demo videos of the weapon customisation of the assault strikers, both with the inbuilt weapons and the attachments. You'll see some of the weapons are pretty damn powerful and it definitely now makes sense to use the shields when you're going up against an opponent with a one shot one kill attachment... Vids after the jump.
Exerpt from the Assault Striker manual:

"Press the Weapon Select button to cycle through your options. Release the button to activate
your choice. Each weapon has a different blasting speed.

Laser strike is your default weapon. It doesn’t have much firepower but it blasts super fast.
Stealth strike is similar to laser strike but its muffled blasts let you sneak up on enemies.
Pulse strike packs more punch. It’s best in semi-auto mode but uses ammo faster and has a longer delay between blasts.
Rail strike has a ton of firepower but goes through ammo fast and has a longer delay between blasts.
Sonic strike is the biggest weapon in your arsenal but goes through ammo quickly and has the longest delay between blasts.

Slightly ambiguous, so we've shot some videos to try and work out how much ammo and how much damage can be done with each weapon.

Laser Strike: The default weapon on the Light Strike taggers. Shoots 20 rounds before reload, and takes 12 shots to take out an opponent completely.

Stealth Strike: Basically the same power and rounds as the Laser Strike, only with a muffled sound (like it's silenced)

Pulse Strike: 15 rounds per clip, and takes 8 successful shots to take out your opponent.

Rail Strike: not available in semi automatic mode. Slow to fire and reload, with only 8 rounds to a clip but it can take out an opponent in 3 hits. Bam!

The Sonic Strike is the biggest inbuilt weapon, with 6 rounds a clip and can take out an opponent with two shots.

The Refractor Launch System. Basically increases your tagger's spread and also introduces a uber lethal weapon- a two shot kill.  And it vibrates.. It also has a touch sensitive button on the side of the attachment you need to hold when firing (or it reverts to the standard weapon) but the good thing about this is this weapon is independent of the inbuilt weapons meaning it doesn't replace any of them.

The Light Strike Scope attachment is very cool- it doubles your blaster's range (but only when using the Optical Cannon and Refractor Cannon weapons that comes with the attachment) and has a red dot sight. It's a two shot kill weapon and the sound effects are true sniper inspired. Note by attaching this scope, most of the inbuilt weapons are replaced (Pulse Strike, Laser Strike, Rail Strike and Sonic Strike) and unavailable until you remove the attachment. You're left only with the Optical Cannon, Refractor Cannon and the Stealth Strike, however if you have the Rapid Fire unit attached that also works:)

The Rapid Fire attachment. It's hard to tell how many rounds it goes through or how much damage (though it looks like 8..)- just point and squeeze. And it vibrates!:) Note attaching this replaces all inbuilt weapons.


  1. How would you compare it to the Nerf LTX taggers?

  2. how much ammo does the scope have

  3. So the scope has the optical cannon... And the refractor cannon? Meaning the refractor attachment? And if not, what's the difference? Thanks!

  4. The scope has the refractor cannon which is a two shot kill at double the normal tag range, and a one shot kill if you're pretty close. I own the scope but I would posit the refractor launch system is probably the same weapon with a wider spread and shorter range.

  5. What is the range of th gun w/ scope like how many feet

  6. @Anonymous, A tagger with a scope can land about 70-80 feet in you play in almost complete dakness.

  7. Today i bought the red rifle and rapid fire system. I went home and dug up some batteries. First batch of four was dead. Second batch was dead too. However i effed up and screwed the screw in too deep and ended up scratching it to the point that i can't get it out. I then told my parents to stop putting dead batteries in the same drawer we put the live ones(that fall out of the packs). Then my Dad said he would get a longer screwdriver and find a new screw. And my little brothers been a @#$% because he's saying i shouldnt have screwed it in too deep(he should shut up since i had to pay his tax on the yellow rifle), but i know he's jealous because i outm,atch him with

    D.C.P.-013,D.C.R.-012,Rapid Fire System, and I.T.S
    S.P.-144 and S.R.-143

    I wonder who will win more when i get my gun working.

  8. the refractor attachment brings your opponent to minimal health and has wide range to hit multiple enemies, like a grenade launcher. The option on the scope is just a strong shot, but i think it has a big reload time.

  9. Something interesting about the rapid fire is that (the physical attachment, not the features) has 023 on the side. 023 is also on G.A.R.-023(orange rifle) and both are orange. I wonder if they were originally gonna be one and the same.

  10. Can u use scopes and other things on Striker S.P.-144

  11. Can u have attachments on striker s.p.-144