Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rant: Longshots.. Where are they?!:P

Longshots. As hard to find as Wally/Waldo?!:P
I just got a pretty interesting comment on a post back in March regarding the rumours of the Longshot being discontinued. Sooo.. since the comment was by an "Anonymous" reader- here it is:

"Pocket: you need to stop getting people's hopes up high about the Nerf Longshot. It is OFFICIAL that the blaster has been discontinued. It happened last year in the States and other countries will follow suit. The stock you Ozzies have is old stock, probably from china and once it's gone, it'll be gone just like it is here. I like your blog but i'm sick of hearing about how the Longshot is available because one day you will go to your stores and realise its gone and wish you did buy up when you could"

Oooh, I sense it's RANT time! More after the jump:)

Other than the Maverick REV-6, the most common Nerf blaster found in Australian toy stores in 2011 is.. the Longshot CS-6. I kid you not, the most acclaimed N-Strike blaster on any die hard Nerf affectionato's list is probably the most available. Prices have also come down a fair way too from this time last year- the rumour of them being discontinued kept prices around the 70 dollar AUS mark, but now you'd have no problem with picking out up for under 40 bucks.

Regardless of how available they are for us, and how often we keep saying "hey friends, they're everywhere", we keep still getting emails and msgs saying "no they're discontinued". They were featured at this year's Australian toy fair; they make it into every toy store's catalogue, and they're on every toy store's shelves wherever we go. And were not talking a box or two that was found in the back room.This is new stock, that KEEPS on coming.

During sale time, it's not unheard of to see maybe 30, 50 units stacked up, only to be replenished several weeks later. Ever since the rumours of them being discontinued last year, this has been a regular occurance. We're talking over 8-9 months of Longshot saturation, people. Throw your rumours out that we just got the US's old stock, or these were old factory rejects or whatever. They just keep on coming.

I appreciate, they're not easily available in the US. This is unfortunate, but it doesn't mean they've been discontinued. I'm happy to accept maybe they've stopped being distributed to the US, or even discontinued in the US, but that again does not translate to "Nerf have discontinued them". Cos they're.. still here. It's like us insisting Alpha Troopers or Spectres didn't exist because they weren't available here in Australia last year. We knew they were around.. and we went to great lengths to get them.

And that's the other really odd thing. Regardless of how much the Longshot is loved and missed by so many of our American friends, they still will not..import. Even 35 dollars AUS is too expensive and while we're always getting "you're lucky" and "I wish they'd bring them out here" and even every second day a kid begs Nerf on the Facebook page to bring back the Longshot, not once have we ever had any request to buy and send over to the States.  Do you not believe your own rumours?

When the Alpha Trooper was first released, we paid 70 bucks AUS for it to bring it over. Was it worth it, really? Well it depends on how you value things. Now, you can pick one up for under 25 bucks at your local Target in Australia, but this time last year, they were a blaster we all wanted. Kids saved, and hit up eBay and other etailers and paid the ridiculous shipping prices to get one.

Now, maybe we're just dumb, and maybe our American friends are smarter and know a Longshot just isn't worth paying 35dollars AUS plus shipping to get; but the main thing it comes down to is, as with everything- if you want it- you can get it, it just depends how much. If the Longshot is that "rare" and you all really want one.. well I can guarantee you there's plenty here in Australia and if you really do believe the rumours (and I'm not saying they're not true, I'm just going with what I see every Friday night) then surely you'd be snapping them up as fast as you can and schmoozing Aussies left right and centre to get you as many as possible!

Many of us, (me included) listened to the "they're discontinued" line and stocked up. I have two Longshots still in box sitting in the corner that I paid 69 dollars for each. I admit I feel a lil sheepish every time I walk past Big W...

But...If the Longshot is destined to be like the Crossbow- surely it's better to stock up now where they're plentiful at whatever price, as it's gonna be cheaper than the 400 bucks they might one day go for on eBay in the future?:)


  1. You crack me up Pocket. So true. I see Longshots everywhere and like you I bought FIVE at 65 dollars each from KMart at Christmas time last year thinking they were going to be so rare.

    They might stop being available one day, but then so will all the other blasters too!

  2. It's just what we're used to paying. If you knew a Longshot was around 20 dollars US, its pretty hard to change your mindset to pay more than that. I know things in Australia are very expensive so you're probably used to paying high prices but even though I love the Longshot, I couldn't bring myself to pay 65 dollars for one!

  3. You paid 70 bucks for an AT? dude you got ripped off, they're 23 dollars at my local Target

  4. ^thats what he said idiot. You couldnt buy an Alpha Trooper in stores last year but he imported one because he wanted it enough. Read before you post.

  5. ATs- They're only 12 dollars US :-P So 23 is a rip off as far as we're concerned

  6. Anonymous^- wow that is really cheap! How much for a Longshot?:P

    Oh wait...that's right... :P

  7. I dunno, but last I checked, ALL Longshots came from China:)

  8. spot on. it's simple marketing on nerf's behalf. they probably became less popular in the US as they were originally, so they moved focus to other markets, like here, where we haven't had a large availability of them until now. they're not discontinued, they're just not stocked anymore in the US.

  9. Caution: Wall of Text.
    What I've found interesting is the delay in price reductions between the US and Australian dollars. Used to be the AU$ was about US$0.90, but now it's about AU$1:US$1.06.

    For a while, Nerf products stayed at high prices, even when the AU$ was favourable, then dropped quite suddenly several months later, in what was a delayed reaction to the AU$ pushing past the 1 US$ mark. It was suddenly cheaper to buy US and foreign products, and thus, our current glut of Nerf was born, since even during (relatively) harsher markets, we Australians snapped up whatever Nerf we could lay our (figuratively) theiving hands on.

    And, subsequently, the prices in stores dropped as supply is finally meeting demmand.

    Why is it still so expensive? Economics. Australia's market is much smaller, so an importing retail chain has less buying power than a US chain.

    But then, all this is just common sense.

    tl;dr Better AU$ combined with brand recognition in Oz = fresh stock, lower prices and wider range.

    -Not an economist-

  10. Really? Longshot has been discontinued... again? XD I'm sure one day it will be, but for now there are plenty in stores. I bought mine first one last year at retail $59, since then I have bought six more but they were all from Kmart clearance racks. Cheapest one being $5, dearest one being $15, while the remaining four being $10. Sold three for a tiny profit, and have four with me at the moment :)

  11. I've actually owned/modded 14-16 longshots. If I need a new longshot, I just go into my basement and find the parts.

    I payed about 20-30 for each but one was free because I won it in a draw at foam in the fort.

    I don't find it unreasonable that the Australian nerfers get to have the longshots now at low prices because they miss out or have to wait long times to get blasters they desire.

    BTW what nerf page are you talking about? If its official page then they are all just a bunch of little kids who don't know better. The all caps NERF page is the place to be.

  12. It's very odd what they say about the longshot being discontinued. Before that they were completely unavailable in the UK, but now there are (similar to in Australia) literally floor to ceiling stacks of them in my local toys r us. They're still pretty expensive at £40 each however (roughly $60) although that fits with nerf prices in the UK. One point I do have to make is that these longshots now come in the new "environmentally friendly" nerf packaging with the paper ties and more cardboard contraints. This packaging has only been produced recently by nerf, so the longshots must've bee made pretty recently...

  13. Well... Here in Spain the Longshots arrived at the beggining of this year... and they are still here. They're a little bit expensive (55€) but I have one of them and I ant to buy another one :)

  14. Pocket, one question, do you know if the Iron Man Firefly is discontinued?

  15. Black Friday last year here in the States had $15 Longshots at Walmart. I got two. If you don't mod, the only thing the Longshot has over the 'Strike is the scope and frontgun. I remember reading that they were being "released" in the UK a few months ago. I think they've only been discontinued in the US. If I were you, I would buy a bunch of Longshots while they're available, then wait till they're discontinued and sell 'em on ebay. Make sure you're willing to ship internationally though. I bet you could get $100 or more per longshot.

  16. But if everyone stocks up on Longshots if they are eventually discontinued in Australia we will have a second influx of Longshots in the marketplace. Plus people will then factor postage into the purchase cost. Will it become worthwhile to store all the LongShot boxes to make a $10 profit? I have 2 BRIB for myself for any future requirements.

  17. I never truly doubted that Longshots were still available overseas. However, they're definitely discontinued here in the States. It's obviously because here in the US, we always get the largest stock due to our larger consumer base, so the Longshot was thus phased out here first for other (though not necessarily better) blasters. I've checked every local store and their respective websites, and Wal-Mart's the only one that even lists it on the site (but it's not at the nearest store). Either way, it's not my problem, because I got one off Ebay for $50. :)

  18. Checked the nerf page, and there were three versions, blue, blue +tac. light mission kit, and red... All under $30, except for the value pack... I think nerf is Rhode island/new jersey/near new england based, so I don't think there discontinued... yet target/toysrus/walmart don't have it listed on their pages...

  19. The Longshot *may* be discontinued. By which I mean they are not making any more. But that does not mean they don't already have 100million units in stock world wide.

    I forget how I checked this, but one of the Nerf guns I have, which I bought recently, was made YEARS ago.

    It can be a little difficult to get your head around a global sized product/brand. It is possible that Nerf has a LOAD of stock just waiting to be sold. They are owned by Hasbro, who seem to own everything these days. So its not hard to imagine that they left the factory running over the weekend and made 1 billion Longshots.

    Something else I've not seen mentioned is maybe the discontinued story was in regards to the blue Longshot? The only Longshots I've seen in stores in Australia have been the standard yellow/orange. Perhaps someone got confused and Nerf have stopped making a particular colour of Longshot.

    One thing is for sure. People in Canberra are buying loads of Nerf. Big W and Kmart have sold most of their Nerf stock before their sale has ended.... so I have a Longshot already.... should I get a couple of AS-20s during the Target sale at the end of this month?

  20. I live in the U.S. I was tired of the rumors so I emailed Hasbro with the contact information from their Nerf page. This was the reply I got copy and pasted:

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro Inc. regarding the Nerf Longshot.

    Regrettably, this item is no longer in production. We are, therefore, unable to assist you in identifying retail markets which may still have this product in inventory nor do we have any available for direct sale.

    The decision to discontinue a product is a marketing decision.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you and your family will enjoy Hasbro products for many years to come."

  21. currently longshot cost how much in Australia?

  22. Hi all,
    I am a mom of a 10 year old (as of yesterday) and he is really into nerf. He has been looking for weeks for the Nerf Longshot cs-6 but we haven't found it online or in stores unless we want to pay $80-100 bucks. Can you tell me where I can get one? He would be so excited! Thanks all! Traci

  23. I was lookin for a Tornado strike and ran into about 500 longstrikes piled up to the ceiling!! I dont know were you live but it might be a bit far... Chadstone mall on the outskirts of melbourne! X:D :)

  24. WTF Listen up NERF, I live in NY and I have yet to see a longshot in any toy store, and I've been looking since last December. Put them out, either WO series, clear/sonic, whatever just get them back on the selves!!!!! You know we want them, and we will buy them. Just bring em back already!!!!!!

  25. I agree with the Anonymous above me. A Whiteout Longshot would be awesome. I'd prefer any color scheme, as long as it's not Clear or Sonic. ~Amiante.

  26. I know this is old, but I ran across it today just searching for some other stuff. To be fair, Pocket, YOU are the first person I saw state that the Longshot was discontinued. =) In your 10th blog post ever written on this site, the Longshot CS-6 Review, refer to paragraph 1, sentence 3. Written fairly matter-of-factly, "Although it is currently discontinued, it still sells in many toy stores Australia-wide (because we always get the old discontinued stock!) and it's considered a real find if you can get your hands on one."

    Maybe some updates and retractions are in order since those reviews do still pop up under Google searches for Longshots, after all. :)