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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rant: X-Ploderz in Australia: Have they missed the boat?

The new Xploderz XGround Poun...meh who cares?!
A friend of mine finally got his hands on one of the "new" X-ploderz blasters for me to look at; we've been getting various reports over the last month that the line of wet ball projectile blasters from the Maya group have been finally making their way to Australian shelves.

While this is good and well, I really wonder if there are that many people in Australia that actually really care. To be honest, I can't help think that the Maya Group may have missed the boat in bringing them here to a market that may have already moved on.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rant: XPloderz distribution and customs. Boo.

Jerm's got one. In his house. Right now!! 
We brought you a whole lot of info on the X-ploderz range a while back, but alas because they're not planning on an Australian release for some time, we haven't been able to get our hands on one. I've been liaising with the manufacturer who were incredibly helpful with press release info, but given we're NOT a part of the distribution chain for this year, we couldn't score ourselves one to review. (so, admittedly we're a TAD jealous that they sent a couple to Nerf Mods + Reviews to check out!!)

Finally, I did try to import one, but Customs ACTUALLY seized it; I was sent a rather harsh letter informing me "things you CAN bring into the country" and they've at this stage classed this as a projectile/ BB gun style blaster for now. Admittedly this is a whole new "thing" to shoot so they're probably unaware of what it is so maybe in the future if they do EVER come out here it'll be ALL ok...

That being said, Customs also seized one of these too:

A kids "paintball"  blaster which is from the same people (with the same ammo) as the "Supa Splat" blasters domestically available in all Australian toystores (and.. Rebel Sport?!) . It's spring powered, nothing THAT powerful, but for some reason the Supa Splat syringe looking thing makes it into Australia but these don't?!

Anyway, dear Xploderz- please bring your product to Australia through the proper channels so I don't have to keep losing money on Customs seizing my gear:(

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

X-Ploderz Blasters: official commercial

Saw this on Nerf Mods and Reviews. The official X-Ploderz commercial. What's interesting about this ad is 1) they never REALLY show the firing mechansim of these blasters, 2) just like with Nerf the models are all in their later teens and 3) unlike Nerf there's a GIRL on the team! 

Nice ad anyway:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerf Mods + Reviews: Modified XBlaster 200

Jermaine from Nerf Mods + Reviews got his hands on a X-Ploderz XBlaster 200. Naturally, he's done away with the spongey wet ballz and modded it to shoot Nerf darts with pretty positive results. Unfortunately, it's the firing mechanism that's the issue- it's still sorta dorky and affects the accuracy. Triggers, oh toy manufacturers, is what the fans want!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

X-Ploderz Blasters: we're not convinced:(

We'd been talking up these new X-Ploderz line of blasters for a while, but the big issue for us at Urban Taggers is they're not being released down under here in Australia for the time being. Anyway, their official site went live recently and we were pretty interested in learning more about them. To be honest from the videos,I gotta say I'm a little disappointed with how these blasters work. Reports from some of our readers suggest these blasters aren't as awesome as they might claim.. and watching the actual firing mechanism of any of the three blasters leaves much to be desired( that spring loaded pull back thingy is ridiculous

Reports of ranges are mixed; I'm hearing everything from "they're AWESOME" to "they're abysmal!" and everything in between. I'm interested to see what Jermaine over at Nerf Mods and Reviews thinks, especially if he's going to crack one open.. If any of you out there have one, drop us a post and give us your feedback:)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Confirmed Intel on the X-Ploderz range

X-Stormerz. "What is this stuff i'm shooting?"
More confirmed information about the X-Ploderz line of projectile blasters. Target, Toys R Us and Amazon will be the lead US retailers; Argos, Tescos and Toys R Us will be the main UK retailers, and Walmart and Toys R Us will be for Canada. They are becoming more and more available, and will be officially launched/marketed in early Feb. Their official website should be up in the next week or so.

The RRP prices for the blasters: the smallest XBlaster will be 12.99 USD  and shoot 50ft, mid sized XStormer will be 24.99 USD and shoot 75ft, and the largest XRanger at almost 3ft in length will be $39.99  which hits a very decent 85ft. I'm told these quoted ranges are VERY real, which is pretty cool..

But!..I'm told the big tech win is all about the ammo; an organic compound developed for this purpose which is safe, clean and non-toxic. It has "some magical qualities, despite being more than 99 percent water in core structure". The ammo is provided in different formats between EU and USA to meet the different toy regs of each market; which PROBABLY means it'll not pass Australian standards in any case:(

Saturday, January 1, 2011

X-ploderz Blasters: shoots wet ballz.. really far

The X-ploderz X-ranger 1075. Love the token asian kid:)
Now we normally don't make a habit of featuring or promote things we've not actually confirmed as being good or not, but this definitely has our interest. We first heard of these a month ago; they're called "X-ploderz" (distributed by 'Hobeezone' in the US) and they apparently shoot a very interesting 'hydro-rounds' type of water infused ammo.

Xploderz are launching officially this month in the USA, Canada and UK. We've learnt that the line is "an innovative ammunition system tied to a unique line of projectile blasterz - creating an entirely new weapon system for play indoors or outside." with full marketing and publicity will begin in February as store distribution increases.  A press release at Toy Shop UK says they are "Designed for kids from age 8 and upwards, they fire soft ammunition shells that are infused with water! Not only that, they fire them farther and faster than any other toy gun on the market."  Apparently up to 85 feet out of the box? niiice..