Tuesday, February 1, 2011

X-Ploderz Blasters: official commercial

Saw this on Nerf Mods and Reviews. The official X-Ploderz commercial. What's interesting about this ad is 1) they never REALLY show the firing mechansim of these blasters, 2) just like with Nerf the models are all in their later teens and 3) unlike Nerf there's a GIRL on the team! 

Nice ad anyway:)


  1. Oh my god! I want one of these soooo bad!

  2. lol, gotta love the star wars blaster sound fx in there...

  3. It's interesting how they never really show the crappy pullback firing mechanism that will make these nearly impossible to aim accurately. =\

  4. The sights must suck...

    Has anyone ever done a pain test with this stuff?

    It's like a crappy airsoft gun, with BBs that you don't have to worry about.