Friday, December 31, 2010

Dart Tag Quick 6: Loading a dart

Loading a whistler dart into the Quick 6. So fly. :P

A slightly more in depth look at how a user loads a dart into the ammo slot in a 'Quick 6'. (Every time I say 'Quick 6' I end up with the 'Fly like a G6' song in my head!) The mechanism actually reminds me of a magic trick.. read on and I'll explain:)

The dart, pushed into the internal clip. Unprimed.
Down the chamber: Note that slider on the left
 We've loaded the clip with dart tag ammo but as you can see, we're using a whistler dart for this pic demonstration. Once a dart has been loaded into the ammo chamber it sits there ready to be chambered. The Quick 6 takes it's darts from the top of the internal clip.
Half primed. 
A little door slides over the side...
 As you gradually pull back on the primer at the back of the 'Quick 6', an orange panel slides over the dart, effectively 'grabbing' it and pulling it into the chamber. That little door in the chamber pushes out from the right and the slider pulls back on the left.
Primer cocked all the way back
Dart successfully "grabbed" into chamber

 Once the primer is cocked all the way back, the panel covers the ammo window completely. The door in the chamber covers the chambered dart, but you can see it's there. The slider on the left hand side is gripping the dart, presumably it'll push the dart into the correct position.
3/4 primed
With the whistler chambered, now the door just slides back into the chamber
 Pushing the primer back into original position slowly reveals what's under the panel- and yup, that is the next dart underneath..
Fully primed. The next dart is now awaiting chambering
Fully primed. Whistler is now in the chamber ready to go.
The whistler dart is now in chamber and ready to be fired, exposing the next dart (in this case, a dart tag dart) awaiting to be chambered.

Nifty! It's the same mechanism in the Quick 16 as well.


  1. umm the last 2 pics are with dart tag darts

  2. huh, thats pretty cool, i am surprised you haven't had any jams especially with the slam fire of the Q16, but by this mechanism the clip is actually not in the gun but attached on the side.

  3. For this exercise, we had the blaster with 5 dart tag darts and one whistler dart on top.

    We did this to demonstrate the chambered dart (ie the whistler) being grabbed INTO the chamber, thus revealing the awaiting next dart in queue (the dart tag dart).

    umm. all good:)

  4. Did you ever do the battle thing in the underground parking lot?

  5. Actually I'm not surprised that the gun has't jammed much.....its a much less invasive method than traditional clip system darts (less stress on the head and tail of the dart) allowing for a more seamless reloading. I also like how the gun reloads and operates.

    Will I get one? depends on the price, modding potential, etc.

    If its easy/possible to actually get one and flip it modded with all the bells and whistles, then hell.
    Maybe :P lol

    How does the 16 stack up the the raider?

  6. Simple explaination: It's like loading darts through the jam door on a blaster like the recon.

    Which reminds me... I could turn a recon into a Quick 6 by widening the jam door. And it would have removable clips! :D