Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rumours: Super Soaker Clip refills confirmed

Water Clip Refills. Apologies for the crap quality images
Well as hoped, there will be replacement clips available for the new Super Soaker range next year. Apparently they have a 10oz capacity (about a 3rd of a litre)


  1. How profitable. Meanwhile, the guy with the CPS 3200 who is owning you doesn't have to "reload" because he's carrying an 8-liter backpack, and everyone else's water gun has 2-3 liters in their reservoirs. Nevermind that, they're carrying .5 to 1 liter in pressurized water ready to blast out. (This includes modern water guns too, not just the old CPS's. Have a look at what Buzz Bee Toys has been putting in the Water Warriors line lately and most of what they have could easily destroy any Nerf-branded Super Soaker.)

  2. wil they make a bigger clip or drum mag like they did with cs-6 to cs-35