Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Insight into Dart Tag 2011 courtesy of Nerf Q+A

Nerf's Q+A is up for another week, and while it's normally just marketing spin that states the obvious, there are a few points that in it that I think give us some insight into what to expect for these new Dart Tag blasters.

Firstly, there's talk on whether the streamline darts will fit these new Dart Tag blasters, and we've already confirmed they don't in the Swarmfire at least.  An older question on the Nerf Q+A  posted by Mike Lovejoy regarding clip based velcro darts had this response:

"the Dart Tag dart design is unique to the Nerf line of Dart Tag blasters, and we think that’s a good thing! There currently aren’t any plans for Velcro-tipped darts designed for our Clip System N-Strike blasters."

You could interpret this as streamlines will stay dedicated to the N-Strike Clip System blasters, and hence the Dart Tag line will use the existing velcro darts MADE FOR DART TAG. (In turn it would also mean whistlers will work too.) That in turn does somewhat dismisses the theory that these new Dart Tag blasters will also introduce a new velcro streamlined dart.

Secondly, a question on the Q+A from Alastair Iln Tay who asks the very strategic question: "Is there a possibility that you guys will be focusing more on the Dart Tag line of Nerf blasters next year? I haven’t seen any new Dart Tag products being released this year, mostly the N-Strike ones."

The response: "Have we got some serious fun planned for DT fans in 2011! We’re against secrets as much as the next person, but there are still some specifics being worked on. We can tell you there will be event updates and new additions to the Dart Tag blaster and accessory line in 2011 for all you Dart Tag die-hards."

Ok, so they haven't really revealed anything we haven't already worked out, but it at least supports many of our theories. Although additions to the "accessory line in 2011" would be pretty cool..unless it's more repaints of safety glasses:)


  1. i think the slits on the side are there for u 2 put darts in their so i am unsure if they will use clips or not but if the do yes i believe the streamline darts would work the best...
    I am so confuse!!!

  2. I hope shot blast scopes go on sale indivdualy.

  3. I wonder if the Furyfire will still be used in the Nerf Dart Tag League tournament...

  4. Probably, the reason that curved clips are used on the Quick 6 and Quick 16 is because normal Dart Tag Darts have wider tips than Streamlines.

  5. that blaster at the top of the page looks like a raider
    agree? disagree?