Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rumours: Quick 16 Intel: The official.. manual! :)

Pages 1 + 2 of the Quick 16 manual. All you need to know. Sort of.
Well, you asked for it and we at Urban Taggers deliver! Ok.. so we got more intel on the new 'Quick 16' Dart Tag blaster in the shape of the official.. blaster manual:) Eric has managed to send thru scans which shows how the Quick 16 works. More importantly, the manual confirms 1) It's definitely called the "Quick 16" ENGLISH. 2) The darts load into the top slot as we've all speculated, and 3) Dart Tag shirts! More pages after the jump:)

The Quick 16 comes with the blaster and 16 dart tag darts in the box. You can visibly tell the blaster has provisions for a rear stock attachment, however it doesn't come with one..perhaps they'll be selling after market stocks in the future? (Looks like none of the new Dart Tag blasters come with tactical rail attachments so the only thing you possibly COULD attach to the blasters IS a stock)
Pages 3 + 4 of the Quick 16 manual. Never thought this would be ground breaking news:)
Although the manual doesn't call it "Slam fire" but "Rapid fire" but the premise is still the same. The other cool thing is it appears you can just keep loading more darts into the ammo slot so it's reloading on the fly.
Official rules of Nerf Dart Tag. Looks like 2011 will be Dart Tag time!
Sooo.. there you have it folks. Doesn't get much more official than that. The biggest thing this manual confirms is.. if a manual has already been created, than it means these blasters are in their final stages and should be just around the corner, don't you think?:)


  1. ZOMG that looks freakin sweet!Only wish they were more compatible with existing blasters.Having no tactical rails or ability to add the drums or clips is a pain.It's still cool though!

  2. We were discussing this last night; personally I think the in built ammo storage makes sense. No Dart Tag blaster in the past used clips.

    In the past the Dart Tag line were the poor cousins of the N-Strike line and but Nerf seem to be wanting to promote it in a whole different way; more sport and gameplay, less gun.

    Having close quarters 5-minute matches means less time to be fumbling around with extra clips and "primary and secondary" blasters; you're pretty much doing a whole lot more running and jumping and firing as many times as possible rather than having the time to set yourself up for the perfect shot (given a hit is only 1 point).

    So for these conditions, you'd need to carry something that's got a high capacity for ammo and/or very easy to reload on the go; something not easy to date with the Furyfires.

    This Quick 16 means you can reload on the fly while still having ammo in your clip. The top loading slot is a great idea IMHO.

  3. I wonder if Nerf will make a flywheel Dart Tag blaster? If you ask me, the Barricade would look sweet with this new "Bumblebee/Beluga" styling.

  4. So the new dart tag blasters don't come with the jersey or eyeware. I wonder what will happen when a little kid gets shot in the eye for not having his eyewar... Oh, I forgot. It doesn't come with it ;)

  5. "(Looks like none of the new Dart Tag blasters come with tactical rail attachments so the only thing you possibly COULD attach to the blasters IS a stock)"

    Remember, the Quick 16 lacks the raider's stock attachment point. So you can't connect a stock without modding it.

  6. Unless Nerf has come up with another way to attach stocks so you can't mix-and-match stocks with the N-strike line. Typical, really, just like the Suction/Whistler/Dart Tag darts and the Streamlines (aka Clip System).

    Still, hopeflly Nerf will begin selling aftermarket stocks so we don't need to get the blaster as well. I realy want to get a Shotblast/Raider stock (almost identical), but I don't have much use for a Raider OR Shot Blast (AT's are good enough). And that's why I'm making my own stock out of wood! :D

  7. You've got one already,don't you?:-P I'm expecting that Urban Taggers scoop real soon.Don't you disapoint us Pocket!

  8. Won't the clip get in the way when slam firing? Like hitting the wrist?

  9. You know whats weird, if you click on the picture then read the fine print under the picture of the glasses and jersey, it says that the jersey and vision gear are both sold separately. I thought Nerf got sued and they had to make it a requirement that they include glasses with all dart guns?

  10. is the quick 16 compatible with any other preexisting nerf darts like the stream line, suction darts, whistlers? cause in the pics it only shows the Velcro darts. i am guessing that suction and whistler darts create too much friction when fired because the rubber heads would rub on the inside of the barrel. i guess the Velcro darts work because the Velcro that is wrapped on the outer layer of the head provides less surface area between the rubber dart head and the barrel. also anyone find out when it going to be released or the price?

  11. does anyone know the official name of this?