Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Clear Series Vulcan EBF 25: Nerf official release

Clear Vulcan EBF 25 with red darts. Target US exclusive
This is almost a clean sweep of all Nerf rumours this year: and the one I was waiting for. Released on Nerf's official Facebook page:

"The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 blaster joined the Clear Series Special Edition lineup. That’s right, this exclusive beast of an N-Strike blaster received the clear treatment just like the N-Strike Recon CS-6, Nite Finder EX-3, etc. and also comes with sweet red darts. This blaster is only available at Target and (if you’re in the U.S). Better hurry before they clear off the shelves."

That's right. Exclusive to Target US with the red darts. Gahh lookslike we Aussies miss out for now.


  1. Gah! For once, I wish they had this at Toys R Us instead. I managed to score a regular Vulcan there for $18, and I kept it in its box, hoping that I could just swap it out for a Sonic Series Vulcan when they hit the shelves. But I'd much rather just have a regular clear version, and of course, they are only at Target instead of Toys R Us. Although maybe we'll get lucky and the only thing exclusive to Target will be the version with red darts, and a clear version with standard darts will get released everywhere else.

    Very cool, though. =)

  2. 6 months after the release of the original series? What happened Hasbro, did you find a pallet of clear pellets? Very disappointed that it took this long to release it, got $50 USD that says look for a "CLEAR" Stampede version after Christmas!

  3. Was that pun intended? The "'clear' off the shelves" part?

  4. Went to my local Target yesterday and today, and then had them on the shelves both visits (currently priced at $29.99 + tax).

    Gonna have to see how the paycheck comes out tomorrow before I decide whether or not to pick one up.

  5. The sonics are out at Toys-R-Us (and on Ebay) as of 12/4/10.