Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rumours: Super Soaker Scatter Blast + Point Break

Scatterblast "shot gun" and the Point Break "side arm"
More new releases for 2011- we've confirmed the new Super Soaker line up will also include the Super Soaker Scatter Blast and the Super Soaker Point Break. Sorry for the low quality pics, but I'm sure when they become more official (or I get my hands on them!) we'll offer you better images. Once again they're in the new white/blue/orange colour schemes.

From what we know, the Scatterblast is a pump action "shotgun" piston style blaster that is unique from other piston style blasters in that it has five nozzles, hence releasing five streams at once. It also sports the N-Strike compatible tactical rails.

The Point Break is a handheld pressurised water blaster, with the air pump under the muzzle. It too looks like it features tactical rails.

Neither of these new blasters feature the 'clips' as per the Tornado Strike and the Thunderstorm though.

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  1. Interesting that the dart guns are moving away from tac-rails, while the soakers are picking them up.

    I wish they'd come out with more accessories that are actually useful, like the dart holder, as opposed to merely cosmetic like... well, pretty much everything else.