Monday, December 20, 2010

Test: Super Soaker Thunderstorm

The new Super Soaker Thunderstorm- off my apartment's balcony:) Ranges are around 4-5 metres; pretty standard for this sort of blaster.


  1. If you get shot and water gets in the battery port or you "drop" it into water, would it electricute you?

  2. What? That's the "thick" stream you were talking about a while back? And 4-5 meters is aweful...

  3. The battery compartment is pretty secure. These motorised water blasters are ok at getting splashes, but I probably wouldn't be jumping in a pool with them.

    The stream is more solid than cheaper crap water blasters. 4-5 metres is pretty standard for a water blasters. Unless it's a CPS based water blaster. They don't have the range of foam dart blasters- water fights are normally closed quarters stuff.

  4. hahahah, thick stream ? Good range ? 6 metres = standard ???
    omg., all XPs and piston blasters do have more range than 6 metres, THIS IS NOT STANDARD!

    "Shaking head", This is so shit :D

  5. Reminds me of the old Entertech water guns from the 1980s.

    "The look! The feel! The sound, so real!" LOL