Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rumours: Streamline Darts a no go for the Quick 16

Very scientific of us:)
Just in: our intel confirms the Quick 16, the latest of the new Dart Tag blasters is not compatible with Clip System streamline darts. Apparently if your lucky, the dart will dribble out of your Quick 16.. and if not, it'll just get stuck in the chamber.

I have no doubt all you modders out there can work something out in future; you're a smart lot:)


  1. first comment and no streamlines is sad :(

  2. We're smart enough not to.
    Streamlines suck. A lot. I'm fine with using tagger darts.

  3. thnaks :)

    hehhe modderz smart :P

  4. the question every modder has is what about stefans, i think there might be a problem with the banana clip

  5. i personally feel that the reason why the streamlines jam up is because of the dart post.


  6. i have an idea

    if u make cdts darts ou t whistlers (being a fat head dart they will work) and fill the tip with hot glue, you would have really accurate darts that are fully compatible with all dart tag guns


  7. @pSyk, I think so too, (although we haven't seen any internal pics yet), I'd assume it's as simple as trimming the dart post.

    (For those of you who don't know; that + shaped thing you see down the barrel slots down the shaft of Nerf darts; streamline darts have a tip that sticks down the dart shaft a bit longer than suction/tagger/whistlers, thus causing a jam when you try to stuff the dart post in while the dart blocker plate is closed.)

    Feel free to correct if I've left something out.

  8. my quick sixteen was great then i used a streamline and now its worthless

  9. Mine works with streamlines.