Monday, December 6, 2010

Street Wars: It's Assassin- but not as you know it..

Old hat I know, but one of my favourite uses of blasters is "Street Wars". One massive game of Assassin on a large city scale where strangers hunt each other down. Might get me out of the apartment if we had these games here..

StreetWars official website


  1. So waddya Reckon Pocket?

    Should we join forces an try and get a franchise going in the Nations Capital?


  2. LOL so easy to write the lyrics, jusr add a few "fuck" words into every verse. Why are they so angry? Where is the love? XD

    BTW didn't see any Nerf guns in the whole video. Did I miss it?

  3. Street Wars looks like it's done with water blasters; that being said we could do it with foam...

  4. I'm on the mailing list for this, but they haven't come to Chicago recently =\

    This particular game is squirtgun based, but there's no real reason you couldn't do it with darts, provided everyone is willing to make sure darts don't become litter.