Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rumours: And ANOTHER Super Soaker: Tornado Strike

Super Soaker Tornado Strike
So hot on the heels of the unreleased "Thunderstorm"; here you go folks, a first look at a new unreleased Super Soaker called the "Tornado Strike" (They really like their epic weather references!) It's bigger than the Thunderstorm and comes with the stock and removable water clip (that looks compatible with the Thunderstorm). It also looks like it features tactical rails for N-Strike compatible scopes.

From what I can gather, it's NOT electric but a hand pumped barrel rotating water blaster. The pump is under the muzzle, and apparently two water jets will "twist" when the barrels are rotating (not unlike the Super Soaker Helix).

By the looks of the picture, it doesn't have a trigger, so it's another piston/syringe style blaster (like the Shot Blast). And that's all I know for now:) More as I learn it!


    Buy for 30 dollars

  2. That stock looks like a repaint of the Shot Blast's stock

  3. No, a repaint of the Raider's stock.

  4. Actually I'd say P13c30fch33s3 is correct.

    The Shot Blast's stock looks similar, but has subtle differences to the Raider's stock-you can compare them here:

    The Tornado Strike's stock is a repaint of the Shot Blast's. This would make sense given they're both Super Soakers.

  5. is it in stores like wal-mart & how much is it?