Friday, December 31, 2010

Rumours: Official Dart Tag Jersey: Puts hair on your chest. Sort of.

The Official Dart Tag Jersey. Velcro pads on the chest.
All signs point to Nerf doing away with the Dart Tag vests (check the first page of the official Dart Tag 16 manual)  and are now bringing out what looks like shirts with velcro pads (the soft part, not the hook part) sewn into the front on the chest and stomach region (and I'd guess on the back as well). Designwise they do seem to have their design cues from motorcross jerseys..

I actually quite like them but I seriously doubt the'll be bringing them out in 'Mens' XL' :) I'm doing a deal as we speak, so I should get my hands on one soon. Just don't expect me to model it:P

(it's been brought to our attention that these are the same jerseys the NDTL competitors wear- maybe it's just they'll be available to buy now? Or maybe my sources played a match and did a runner with them:)... time will tell)


  1. black and yellow blasters,
    white and blue darts,
    white and blue jerseys...

    perhaps the new blaasters will come in black&yellow and white&blue?

    nerf is usually pretty matchy

  2. i'm glad i waited to join in on the Dart Tag series, 2011 is packing some nice Dart Tag gear. So want the jersey, wonder if they will run in different sizes? Probably will on the internet, but at stores maybe not? Only time will tell i guess.

  3. Isn't that what they've been using in the NDTL for years?

  4. @Hudmanster
    Looks like it, was messing around on youtube and was watching this video about the Hasbro Toy Fair 2010, and they had a red/orange jersey on a mannequin:
    Go to :41 to see it

  5. could be so; just never seen the NDTL shirts available before (especially in Australia) and it was featured on the official manual.

    Oh well:)

  6. It's a Nerf Dart Tag League (NDTL) jersey, but it could be the official jersey

  7. maybe it's made out of spandex so it can fit everyone the down side is that you have to wash it