Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random: Suck UK Water Wars: Macabre..but awesome!

I got this for Christmas this year from my sister and brother in law. It's AWESOME. You know that issue you have when you're having a water fight and you can't tell whether you've been hit or not? (well ok, other than the whole "I'm soaking wet" thing) Well Suck UK has the answer; colour changing vests that change to a lovely.. red when it gets wet!

 The set comes with two traditional style translucent water pistols and two vests. I haven't seen water pistols like these for years. Other than the fact they're kinda..big, they're still squirt guns:)
 The vests are made of a lightweight nylon, similar to what you'd wear when you get your haircut. You sport a nice big phat white target on the chest with some adjustable straps on the sides. What's cool with the target though is...
Check it out! Simulated blood splatter! The moment it gets wet, it turns red! How cool is that? It does however stipulate you should never play in public:)


  1. Aw, come on Pocket, give us a photo shoot!

  2. when it dries does it reset or whatever

  3. This looks awesome!!

    The guns are great, with that capacity and due to the amount of water a squirt gun shoots, they surely can last forever with a load! And also, this kind of guns are always better when you are trying to play a war game indoors.

    And I find genius the idea of the tag vests! What I'm thinking, would it be possible to do something similar at home. Would be great for water gun wars. I'm thinking of something simple, just a red shirt under a white one. When you get wet, they would stick together and would be very obvius that you got hit.

  4. Awesome!

    Could you please tell me what you think the shooting range is? I think I'm buying it for my bf.

    Thank you!