Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dart Zone Quick Fire 12: Nerf Mods + Reviews

Dart Zone Quick Fire 12: double the fire power.
It'll possibly be a while till we get the Dart Zone line of products down under; the generous fellas at Prime Time Toys though sent Nerf Mods + Reviews one of these Quick Fire 12's (as well as a Gatling Blaster) to review which was awesome (again Jerm, I'm totally jealous!). From what I can tell it looks very much the goods, with cues from modded Mavericks and apparently performance wise they're pretty decent.

With an interchangable barrel to give you added firepower and with no air restrictors, Dart Zone are self proclaimed successful competitor to Nerf; by their own press release they are "one of the only toy companies worldwide that successfully competes head-to-head with the category leader by producing feature-rich products at competitive prices."

Dart Zone Quick Fire 12 via Nerf Mods + Reviews


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  2. I think you actually meant to say "Dart Zone Quick Fire 12 via Nerf Mods + Reviews"

    and not "Dart Tag Quick Fire 12"

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  4. Yes.. that's it.. I was just testing you to see how alert you were.. really... (hehe)


  5. hey its spelt gatling not gattling


  6. Only one thing, It costs twice as much as a Maverick. 12/13 USD for a Maverick, or 25 USD for one of these.

    And they don't look like they have much modding potential; all the mod's usually done to Mavericks have already been done to this, and it still only gets 25-30 feet.

  7. vossmaster46 - oops. typo. sorted now.

  8. please give us internal pics, it would help a lot on my choice.

  9. Haven't seen the dart zone line yet - I still love my Nerf N Strike Stampede