Sunday, February 13, 2011

TIA 2011- Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

Transformers Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster..dart tag anyone?

The first signs of anything mildly blaster related from the highly anticipated  TIA 2011 Toy Fair in NY is Hasbro's new movie tie-in Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster. As in the past, Hasbro do tend to work with Nerf tech to make their Transformers blasters, so it's bound to be as good as any blaster released under the 'Nerf' banner. Hell it even comes with dart tag ammo!

Spotted on, it actually looks like a pretty impressive piece of kit; a glorified dart tag Hyperfire blaster perhaps? It does however take batteries, which I assume is to power light + sounds, but it appears to still have a manual primer on top. Check out the size of that trigger though!

Check out the article on Cheers to Christian Brock from our FB page for the heads up:)


  1. There isn't much in the way of news, but in this article there is a picture of a yellow/orange colored Raider. I guess that counts as new info, right? Just scroll across the little picture feed in the middle of the page until you find it.

  2. The trigger has to be big enough for optimus.

  3. the new transformers dart tag league blaster