Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16: internals

For all you modders out there, Ben 'Psyk' Koh has done everyone a favour and cracked his Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 open and made some videos of the internals. Yup its a reverse plunger:)

Thanks to Ben again for the intel!


  1. This blaster looks like a pain to modify; I think I'll stick to my Raider and Alpha Trooper :)

  2. Yeah it really is...
    honestly though, it's almost exactly the same as a Raider or an Alpha Trooper, but somehow, the ability to fire off most types of darts and the "on-the-fly" reloading are features that I really like about this blaster...

    plus, it holds up to 16 darts, which isn't too shabby... i picture myself in a war situation, running out of ammo, so i'd just grab whatever's on the ground and shove them in...

    but, everyone's entitled to their own opinion! :)

  3. I agree, it's main appeal is the on-the-fly reloading, which makes lots of sense in close quarters Dart Tag scenarios.

    ..and personally I like the aesthetics of it:)

  4. a well explained, detailed look inside the new gun. cheers ben

  5. Yeah I really like the fact you can just load any dart in the blaster, which is better for low ammo situations.

  6. i cant figure out how to put together the part under the bold sled