Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Soaker Shot Blast: updated colours

Shotblast with new 2011 repaint. Niiiice:) Pics courtesy of Nerf Mods + Reviews
Saw these on Nerf Mods + Reviews. First time I'd heard of, let alone seen these; new 2011 re-paint of the Super Soaker Shot Blasts. I quite like them; makes them all priddy and compatible with the new line. Looks like it also comes standard with the Shotblast scope that originally was a Toys R Us exclusive extra.

And the back of the box.
The box says they're a US Target exclusive. I dunno what happened with Super Soakers in Australia- we were kickin' butt with the Thunderstorm and Point Break before anywhere else in the world, and then.... nothing.

Water gun guide on Nerf Mods + Reviews


  1. oh, sweet colorway.
    i already own the red version but this trumps it.

  2. finally one with updated colors and a scope!!!

  3. It's action has actually been improved slightly. I don't know how, less water per blast I guess, but it's a lot easier to pump than the old one. And when dry-firing, the old one takes 3 pumps while the new one takes 2. (Also, personal opinion, the stock and ACOG were *made* for the Thunderstorm.)

  4. This does look nice... but really I just want a hydro cannon =P. CPS-esque systems are the way to go!

  5. The attachments going on the Thunderstorm.


  6. Major improvement from the gay "Soaker Wars" thing they had a couple years ago. I'll sell my old shot blast for one of these things. The Soaker Wars series was basically N-Strike with water vs. itself and put into red and blue colors. This is SO much better.

  7. the scope magnifies!!