Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rumours: Possible Nerf Vortex System pricing info?

Vortex. Que Sara Sara?:)
There's much speculation about the new upcoming Nerf Vortex system of blasters to be launched officially in September 2011 and on the whole most of it is just that; speculation. What little we do know is it's an all new blaster line from Nerf, it won't be replacing N-Strike, and it won't just be repaints of current blasters.

The other thing we sort of know is what was brought to our attention by some keen eyed readers is a price list in German is floating around on the interwebs that seems to list some possible prices and names of the upcoming blasters. I've put my german speaking friends on it (as well as our trusty Google Translate) and it doesn't really tell us much other than the Vortex blasters might be called different things in Germany (something like the Super Soaker Point Break was called the High Tide over there?) but for now these are the 'working titles' of the new pieces.

NERF Vortex Ammo Refills: 4,90 €
NERF Vortex Mission: 12,90 €
NERF Vortex Nitron: 69,90 €
NERF Vortex Practice: 39,90 € (This one's name seems a lil' out of place, given it's the 2nd most expensive!)
NERF Vortex Proton: 14,90 €
NERF Vortex Vigilon: 24,90 €

As I said, it's all speculative, but that's why we're calling it "rumours". Check out the original post if your German is a better than mine (or Google's). Thanks to Bluefire + an Anonymous for the find!

Neue NERF Guns: Die NERF Vortex Reihe via


  1. i don't know about the pricing on these? 69,90 € is like 94$ which is a lot for a nerf gun, the stampede cost the most out of any nerf gun it was 54 ish. I have no idea what kind of blasters these could be by the name and price.

  2. Stampede was 120 AUS when it first came out, and Raiders have even been up in the 80 buck AUS mark at times. Converting currencies is never a good indicator on price; but that being said it's also why I said it was an unconfirmed rumour:)

  3. I agree, that would be a very odd name for the second best... perhaps it is a Tech Target-esqe kit that includes a couple guns and a target? These names are quite different from what we are used to, as well, in that they give no hints as to the loading system or the amount of ammo carried.

  4. Different ammo refills... That indicates that it fires a different type of ammo to normal nerf blasters, maybe this means that they listened to me and are re-releasing old mega dart blasters, although it is most likely that they are just releasing more crap.

  5. By the way, thank you for displaying my second-hand intel! I have always looked longingly at the names of others on "Rumours" posts, and to see mine there now is mind-blowing! Just goes to show you what the internet can do...

  6. By the way, It is highly unlikely that we won't know what they are before they come out, we always do :)

  7. Oh my gawwdd..... I can't wait to see....

  8. This whole "vs." thing leads me to believe that the new line will be some sort of massive variant from N-Force, like an alien or dark/evil type of theme.
    First Nerf will hit the "Gear Up" campaign prior to the vortex release, "Gear up" for what? A new faction to appose the mighty N-force.
    Think about it.

  9. Guys, these blasters are what they seem to be- Nerf is bringing out a line of DISK SHOOTERS!
    The germans know all about it, all of these things shoot foamy/rubbery disks, like some older nerf blasters. Hey, if these guns can shoot disks as far as N-strike can shoot darts, Why not try something 'new'?

  10. ok...
    lets go...
    im from germany (12 years old) and i export an import nerfs.
    The Nerfs in the United States cost only a fraction of those in Germany.
    1.there in Germany is not the interest except those who are in this forum. is an Blog from the Website
    The guyes sell nerf(imports from USA).
    The Devlery and the duty are very high=high prices for the nerfs.

    I think the blaster for 69.99 cost in america 40-50$

    Many markets have this information,but pass on it.

    (on monday 23:34 buy,Thusday 12:34 have i the nerf.)

    I hope,i have help :D


  11. i put that Praxis (German for Practice) in google translate, and it has 6 different meanings, the top one being practice, but it also means experience, field, surgery, custom, and doctor's office, i don't understand that last one, but oh well. i believe experience or custom could be a possible name for it

  12. I agree with the second anon. It seems like this going to be something like an enemy for N-strike. I mean, why would two N-strike officers shoot each other? And if they end up being disc launchers, that makes perfect sense for an alien type of ammo. Also, the gear up idea is definately a huge hint. Great observing. :-)

  13. Thanks, that was my hypothesis above. It only makes sense. You know what I'm thinking? It's going to be like when Nerf did the animal themed blasters years ago. The Vortex line is going to be really organic, something like the alien weapons in Halo.

  14. How did this website in Germany get this info before America, Singapore or Austrailia?
    Also it doesn't really matter what the names are because even in Germany they have the same blasters.

  15. Hello, im from Brazil, sorry for the errors of ortography, i come peed for you divulgue my blog in the session on the right,
    Answear in the comments of my blog!
    THANKS !

  16. I just noticed the screen it looks like a mace but I'm not sure

  17. This may be because Nerf has recently come out with a new commercial advertising their entire N-Force line. The Battlemaster Mace is part of it, so perhaps that is what you see. (I can't really tell, the image is quite blurry.

  18. Yes, I have recieved un-official confirmation, that the new vortex line will shoot foam disks(this was from one of the buisness owners)(at-least we can use them for increasing seal on the mav, and other turret blasters)

  19. I can't wait for these! Seeing as how I currently paint the current offerings in a HALO color-scheme anything that looks more alien will be fantastic! I can also see making hard disks to work in place of the nerf ones...maybe with razor blades and teeth from wolves!

    Sorry, got a little too worked up..seeya!


  20. "and doctor's office, i don't understand that last one"
    A practice is another word for doctors office, usually a small, privately owned one.

  21. well the stampede costs in the netherlands 80 € well thats a lot. and the nerf vortex series are much netter so the stampede is actually a waste of money

  22. just some FYI, i have colectivly looked at all the acounts of these, while this is the firt i've heard of price, the vortex line is actualy a series of disc shooters, clip system. If attachements from the dart blasters will work is still questionable to me. But just to clafify, DISC SHOOTER, NOT DART SHOOTER

  23. You fricking noobs, it doesn`t shoot disk as far as the n-strike it shootmuch longer, why do you think they made it idiot.

    PS:Sucker nerds

  24. you can see them at the entertainer and they shoot disks

  25. the proton will cost 10 dollars. the vigilon will cost 15 dollars. the praxis will cost 25 dollars. and the nitron will cost 45 dollars. source: hasbro toy