Friday, February 18, 2011

XShot Thundershot spotted @ Kmart Chatswood

XShot Thundershot. jack of all trades....
Abe from our Urban Taggers Facebook page picked one of these- The XShot Thundershot at Kmart Chatswood Chase (For those of you outside of Australia, that's in the Sydney area) on the 12th Feb 11. He writes:

"Nerf + Water gun? Awesome, right? Well, it might be awesome looking - but it jams horribly and has terrible water flow! Only $30 but definitely one to avoid I'm afraid and not for the kids. There's a pistol too - single shot."

You do have to hand it to rival toy manufacturers attempting to bring out new and innovative gear, but i've never been one to mix my water and foam together. Different blasters for different purposes in my opinion. Still, they look pretty sweet, and no doubt someone like Nerf Mods + Reviews will be able to turn them into an absolute mega cannon of a blaster:)

You can see more on them at Foam from Above: they're featured at the TIA Toyfair 2011.


  1. if you cut out the water system you could mod the pump for shooting darts or just mod the pump to the top primer

  2. A loooonnnggg time ago Nerf tried this very gimmick, with similar results if I remember correctly. Although I must admit that this one looks pretty cool...

    Like you said: Jack of all trades, master of none.

  3. Pity the shells aren't even the same as the Buzz Bee ones.
    And I do like the weird and wacky designs the rivals put out - makes good competition.

  4. Oh, and I swung by my local target today (Chermside, Brisbane) and they had them there, too.
    Unfortunately it looks like the same trigger fires both the dart and the water blaster, so if you've pumped up the water part and primed the dart part, one squeeze of the trigger with fire both.

  5. Speaking of shells... they seem like a pretty cool gimmick. Of course, only Buzz Bee and other would-be Nerf competitors have it. Nerf doesn't because they see no purpose for it. But if you think about it, a minimized version of the shells for the Vulcan may increase performance over the normal clip system, because they become a part of the barrel.

  6. i wantssssssssssss