Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TIA 2011- The Official Nerf Stand.. again via Nerf Nation /Facebook

"Look..there's Big Ben...":P
If you're not already over our coverage of the same thing over and over.. here's an OFFICIAL photo provided by Nerf on their Nerf Nation Facebook page of the stand. As with everything, Nerf tends to 'officially' release things on that page somewhat AFTER all of the Nerf blogs do...

That being said, it does actually looks different when presented this way:)


  1. Look at the boxes under the Vortex banner......!

  2. @Anonymous
    Those are just the boxes for the Gear Up Barricade, Recon, and Raider. Special (I suppose) but not Vortex. Same guns on the stands around it. Good try, anyway...

    They have nice chairs!

    - Bluefire

  3. I've seen the inside of this booth so many times and from so many angles that I could probably walk around it blindfolded!:) Still, more views don't hurt, and I do like seeing that Vendetta double-sword over and over again. I wonder if it can be used as two pieces as well as one.

  4. can someone expalin to me the significance of "gear up" nerf, is it just like the crystal and sonic series or are they actually special?

    also is that some sort of stave/spear below the stonewall and vantage??

  5. the gear up series is just like the Clear and the Sonic series from last year.

  6. @ Anonymous #3
    "Gear Up" is a promotion for the upcoming Vortex collection. Just like the Clear series was to "clear the way" for the Stampede ECS, so these new paintjobs do the same for Vortex. There doesn't seem to be anything special about them, other than that they each contain 6 darts that have a spiral pattern on them to match the gun.
    The N-Force sword below the Stonewall and
    Vantage is the upcoming Vendetta double sword. It has a handle with a blade on each side (think Darth Maul). The longer box above it is also the Vendetta, but packaged in two pieces, since it is over 4.5 feet long!

    We haven't seen any hints yet of N-Strike 2011, other than the new Gear Up finishes. Hope Nerf doesn't wait to release them until 9/10/11 as well!

  7. In all honesty I don't think that Nerf is going to wait till September to release a new N-Strike series. Nor do I think that about the Vortex series. 7 months is a long time, which means there will be more time for photos to be leaked (like the new dart tag series) and then the big secret is out. I say Nerf releases vortex late summer and N-Strike probably in the next month in a half.

  8. well all the Dart tag guns have all been leaked already by urban taggers ^ (not as much with the sharp shot yet) but yes i think that the gear up will come out in a few months with the dart tag guns but i think the vortex we will have to wait awhile to get, but leaked pictures we should get before then.

  9. I just got confirmation from Hasbro that the new Nerf Dart Tag series has just Started to be shipped to stores over the world. But they did say it could take several weeks or a month or two for them to make it to the shelves. CANT WAIT!