Monday, February 14, 2011

Thor Hammer + other psuedo N-Force goodness

It's not just the Transformers that do Movie-Tie ins with Nerf- From this image from Foam from Above (man I am so jealous they get to go to Toy Fair!!) you can see the hammer and sword from the upcoming Marvel comics movie 'Thor' will be very much an N-Force style product- complete with the "Nerf" branding on the packaging:)

Another image, courtesy of
Oooh swords! From
Cop one of those to the noggin.. :P


  1. oh no, plz no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not thor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. There making a Thor movie, as well As Capitan America. Capitan America can beat anything Australia can give.


  3. I hope the hammer flys right. No point in using it if you are not gong to throw it.

  4. Can't comment on how it flies, I didn't want to scare anyone in the showroom :)

    The captain america shield is a flywheel disc shooter, so there is that as well! No pics of that, as I was too busy firing it :)


  5. That hammer reminds me of Super Smash Bros.

    -Dash 9

  6. I passed on ALL the nerf n-force weapons, but Thor's Hammer is a MUST BUY. =]

  7. found the Thor hammer at the local TrU and its pretty cool. Wouldn't mind it being a few inches longer in the grip but I can deal

    I had done living history for a few decades (with rattan swords and live steel) not to mention a few years "before the mast" of Viking Longship Sae Hrafn ( where the Thor's hammer has long been an item of daily wear.

    So, this is waaaaay too cool. Yes, I am the middle aged redheaded woman in line buying the Nerf Mjolnir. BWAA HAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!! You shall not pass! (Oh, wait, that was another fine epic...).

    Nourish your inner child!