Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hydro Cannon vs CPS 2700.. youth vs experience

It's proven the new 2011 Super Soaker Hydro Cannon DOES feature CPS tech, but is it as good as OTHER older CPS water cannons like the 2000 model CPS 2700?

SO here's a video.. one thing for sure..they definitely perform differently.. I guess you'll just have to decide which one you think is better for you (that and the CPS 2700 is discontinued!).

Aesthetics also MAY play a part... :P


  1. Oh, the HC doesn't stand a droplet of a chance against a 2700. Unless the 2700 is operated by a guy in a wheelchair and the HC by a ninja.

    But that's stock. Pictures of the HC strongly suggest that it has the modding potential to can bring it to the 2700's level or higher.

  2. remind me to beat up the guy designing these new guns, 30 years from now, people who colect super soakers will refer to now as the "crudy age"

  3. I thought the new nerf guns were bad compaired to the old ones, this is just sad

  4. U just pumped HC twice!

  5. I would very definitely go with the 2700 of the HC, why ? shot time, soakage, and field life. The HC gets 6 shots if your lucky. While a careful 2700 user can get 100+ shots ny tap shooting.