Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nerf iPhone case.

Well.. this was bound to happen sooner or later.Available from "Performance Designed Products" (PDP) These officially licenced Nerf iPhone covers are sorta like those DS armour cases.. but for iPhone:) I checked their website but the only one's listed are NBA branded ones like below:
Still kinda cool though. Around $15 US.

Nerf Armor for Apple via PDP.com

Nerf iPhone cases on display at Macworld 2011 via Mobilewhack


  1. Is there any Nerf cases for Ipod touch 4? Because I have one and my casing is not very nice.

  2. They should release cases for android phones.Android's the future of smartphonies.Just sayin'

  3. Its a big weird cause the iphone 4 case on the top image is an ipod touch 4 cause it dosent have the speaker like the iphone

  4. There is a case for the Ipods the Iphones cases are just now coming out from nerf.