Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hasbro's TIA 2011 press release: Nerfers wet their pants:)

We got slammed with a emails all morning regarding Hasbro's new press release for the upcoming TIA Toy Fair in NY this weekend. It's pretty exciting stuff; the biggest thing it really promises is a whole new series of Nerf blaster called the "Nerf Vortex Collection" which is apparently "a completely new and innovative blaster experience" to be unveiled on the novel date of  9-10-11 (by US date standard- for Australians it makes less sense of being 10th September..but hey, we'll take any blaster we can get whenever we can get it)

Given it's only February, I'm interested to see just how MUCH of these new Vortex collection blasters we're going to see; you'd think they'd keep them under wraps till that date? Either way there's gonna be a LOT of speculation no doubt:)

Transcript of the Nerf related part of the press release is after the jump:)

In 2011, the NERF brand will continue its high-energy evolution with exciting advancements in its SUPER SOAKER and DART TAG lines, as well as a reveal of the new, top secret NERF VORTEX blaster collection. This year the NERF SUPER SOAKER line takes the water blaster world to a new level of power and performance with battery-powered blasters, including the new NERF SUPER SOAKER THUNDERSTORM water blaster, and easy to use CLIP SYSTEM refills giving fans the faster reloads and edge they need to become ultimate water warriors.

In 2011, the popular DART TAG World Championship will celebrate its third consecutive year with revamped recruitment and game play. To celebrate the evolution of NERF DART TAG, four new DART TAG blasters will be released this spring including the NERF DART TAG SWARMFIRE blaster as well as NERF DART TAG official competition jerseys and new NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR. And, to round out a full year of new introductions, the NERF brand is inviting fans to “Gear Up for 9.10.11” when it will introduce the NERF VORTEX collection, a completely new and innovative blaster experience.

NERF fans, known as NERF NATION, will also be able to step up their game in 2011 as the property continues to break out at mass retail and become a global mega lifestyle licensing brand with cutting edge products ranging from footwear to graphic tees, electronics and digital gaming. For more updates and information on each of the NERF brand’s five existing N-STRIKE, NERF SUPER SOAKER, DART TAG, SPORTS, and N-FORCE lines, visit,, or and become a part of NERF NATION.

Hasbro to Showcase Its Innovative Brand Portfolio at Toy Fair 2011 via Yahoo Finance

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  1. The new nerf vortex range for 2011 is going to huge in the UK at christmas time. Its got more of the features that people have been asking for and they look kinda cool too!