Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon test videos

Some quick vids on the new Super Soaker Hydro Cannon. Admittedly, not the best vids, but the neighbours downstairs were having a dinner party so I couldn't do the normal "shoot off the balcony" thing I normally do:) Gives you an idea anyway:)


  1. after pumping it so much, it releases all the air and water in one single uber-drenching shot?

    not even a little air left to propel a little more water?

  2. @Ben: Nope, it pretty much releases it all in one hit. I probably would have preferred it was more a stream and less of a "flood", which is where I believe its limitations are in a water fight. It probably is better suited to being modded for darts:)

  3. ^^ It doesn't use air, it pumps water into a rubber bladder.

    Many blasters are like this, releasing their entire pressure into a short shot. The CPS 2000 comes to mind, but on a much larger scale with more pumping.

    The HC has big modding potential however. The triggered ball valve is large which allows for a lot of flow, which in turn means that with bladder that's powerful enough, and a proper nozzle, it can get far ranges. The bladder can be replaced and expanded by removing the reservoir (and attaching a new one in its place, or using a backpack) so that there is more room for the bladder to expand, thus more water.

    In short, with the right mods, you could turn the HC into something like a CPS 2000.

  4. Nonetheless, I'm loving the look of that recoil. That alone gives it CPS2000-esque nostalgia points in my book.

  5. that thing looks like its got some serious kick to it. cant wait to ambush someone with this thing