Friday, February 4, 2011

West Nerf interviews us- full transcript.. cos we talk a lot:)

West Nerf is a Western Australian Nerf community that recently interviewed us for their 'Fortnightly Feedback' posts. We were their first Australian blog to get the tick, (other interviews were with SG Nerf and ForsakenAngel24 from Nerf Haven). They've got a pretty good community going on, so whether you're a Western Australian or not, do check it out:)

Hi Pocket, thanks for taking the time to be a part of our West Nerf community by participating in an interview! You've been into the Nerf scene & blog scene with your Urban Taggers site here in Australia for quiet some time, giving us some very honest reviews on blasters both past & present as well as trying to be interactive with your community and keeping us all up to date on the latest Nerf news. Can you trace your steps back to when Nerf became a serious hobby/sport for yourself?

I've always loved Nerf gear from back when I was a kid but never really got any of it because it never really came to Australia. Blaster wise I was much more into water guns and laser tag but casually got into foam with my first Nerf blaster which was the NB1; my cousin and I used to have "wars" between that and his Nerf Slingshot, but needless to say they didn't go for very long:)

As a serious hobby though, it would have to be 2007 right after I bought a pack of Eliminators for some office fun at work. After I started seeing the potential of how fun they could be, we picked up a Maverick and a Nitefinder and it was all on from there. I think when you start to realize you need another storage crate is when you transcend from being a "casual" Nerfer to one with a serious problem:)

What has been one of your favourite posts over at Urban Taggers? What makes this one stand out more than others?

Our post on the Nerf Barricade RV-10 was probably the biggest one we'd had; up until then we'd only been going for about a month or so and noone really gave much attention to a Nerf related blog from Australia, let alone Canberra. Getting our hands on the Barricade before anyone else worldwide was a big win for us and straight away put us on the foam map, and also to prove we could definitely mix it with the big boys in the community. It's given us a great rep and we've prided ourselves on bringing the latest Nerf news to the rest of the world ever since. Advance Australia Fair? You betcha!..

Do you have a favourite blaster? I know you prefer out-of-the-box but have you done anything to it?

I'd have to say all and all, the Alpha Trooper CS-18 is my favourite. It's so versatile, has all the things I like and allows me to do commando rolls (which under pressure I have a stupid tendancy of doing!) without getting in the way. I'd be all for modding it if I was half decent with that sorta thing, but I'm not, so it's more or less unnecessary while indoors in my apartment. The new upcoming Quick 16 is a very close second because of the way it reloads.

Are you ever able to find the time to participate in events &/ or Nerf Wars?

I personally am not into it. It's a little too serious for our liking and after having my first taste of an outdoor war recently, I felt very outclassed because my blaster was stock. I'm all for them and don't have any issues with those who do, I just personally am more about the physical product and design elements of the blasters rather than outdoor wars. That all being said, impromptu indoors battles in the dark in our underground carpark or when my friends move out of their apartments is always a LOT of fun:)

Your site Urban Taggers also covers off on laser tag devices and water pistols. What are your thoughts on the latest Nerf/Super Soaker line from Hasbro?

Water blasters are definitely an area close to the heart as they were what got me into toy blasters in the first place. With the new 2011 Super Soaker line they're definitely going in the right direction. Hasbro are at least doing something with the Super Soaker brand which was once the "all-conquering king of the kill" label when it came to water blasters. Aesthetically they look incredible and I love them for it, but performance-wise they're still VERY underpowered compared to what was available in the mid 90's in the CPS. At this present time, rival brands like Buzzbee's Water Warriors OWNS this segment and it'd be really nice if Hasbro decided to do something about that & be a contender again in the future. I've got a lot pinning on the upcoming Hydro Cannon... fingers crossed.

Do you hope to see anything in particular in the future of Nerf blasters?

I'm really impressed with how well they've improved every year, so I find I just like to sit back and wait more than anything else. I like the customization of the N-Strike line and would like to see more accessories that fit on the tactical rails, but on the same token I'm a BIG fan of the upcoming Dart Tag blasters and the angle Nerf are going with them being an "Action Sport". I'm not a violent guy and really like the "tagging" element rather than the simulated "kill" element if that makes sense. Maybe bring back the Wart Hog. No really. Don't do that!

And lastly, what parting message would you like to give to us guys here at West Nerf?

I really believe that the last year has been fantastic for Australian Nerf "affectionatos" - we've made ourselves known and heard and proven to the rest of the world we're a worthwhile market to bring the latest and greatest too. In turn, in the past 6 months we've not only kept up, but even beaten other countries to specific blasters which is a massive win. I think we all need to keep that united front up and really show the world that we may be small and far away, but we're very passionate about our Nerf and we do things better than anyone else UT hails from a small town on the east coast of Australia and without blowing our own blaster have done pretty awesome things in such a short period of time; I think it's fantastic other Nerf communities are popping up Down Under and proving we own the foam!

Best of luck with it all, stay in touch and thanks for the opportunity for me to ramble on!

Thank you very much for your time & responses! You're always welcome here at West Nerf whenever you would like to pop by. In the meantime, for those of you who'd like to find out a little more about one of our very own Australian Nerf bloggers, head over to Urban Taggers and see what is being written in your very own back yard*!

In our next installment of Fortnightly Feedback we'll be doing something a little different with thanks to our upcoming war this Sunday! For those of you that haven't already registered please remember that registrations close 5pm this Saturday 5th February.

*Note: Pocket is not in your back yard. If he does happen to be in your back yard I suggest you scramble for the nearest blaster you can find and be prepared to take cover!

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  1. Was a pleasure interviewing you Pocket! Hope we can have you back sometime to catchup in the future :)

  2. Nice interview.
    It would be awesome if you could put a link to Canadian Nerfers along with the Nerf Haven link you have associated with Forsaken Angel. He is one of our admins and founding members.
    If you could also add us to the links on the side, that would be awesome too.

  3. *Note: Pocket is not in your back yard. If he does happen to be in your back yard I suggest you scramble for the nearest blaster you can find and be prepared to take cover! =D