Monday, February 14, 2011

TIA 2011- Captain America Shield.. shoots discs?

Captain America Shield- pic via
In "sort of" projectile blaster news, the new Captain America film tie in shield from Hasbro apparently shoots foam discs using a flywheel system, according to Vas from Foam from Above. I'm not sure if Captain America ever shot anything from his shield in the comics, but it's kinda a cool idea;) Kinda. :)


  1. I am dissapointed in this, but I understand it.
    I hope they at least thought it out enough to make it partially foam. I dont know if I am going to get one, but I do know if I do its getting tossed at least once. Regardless of what it is made out of.
    At least with the disc's you can safely use it inside without smashing crap.

  2. I have one and it is good.I don't know about anyone else,but on full batteries mine shot up to 30 feet.The accuracy on this is also pretty good and it is possible to curve a disk round a corner with a lot of practise and a bi of luck.

  3. I purxhased this for my son today and he can't put it down, worth the money, shoot accuracy is excellent. I was looking for replacement discs,Wal-Mart didn't have them, any ideas please let know.