Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vintage Nerf Commercial: Seth Green has

A vintage Nerf commercial from 1992 with Robot Chicken creator Seth Green for the Nerf Slingshot. An incredibly inaccurate, pre-blaster foam weapon; my cousin had one and while kinda dorky and used ballz, was still kinda fun:) More importantly.. how's Seth Green's hair? Now, THAT's a fringe.


  1. Wow... I guess everyone's gotta start somewhere. I'm glad he finally got that haircut.

    They had updated versions of these in Target for a while. I actually found one that was cracked open and had a ball with it. My Manager was about to open up a Hulk Titan set (Yes, it was that long ago :P) to take me down. Good times.

  2. Is the uni-brow-kid Colin Farrell?

    I'd love a high-power multi shot ball blaster, by the way.

  3. this was my first nerf anything, and i absolutely loved this "blaster". the reload system is kinda a precursor to the new dart tag guns coming out, with the nba slam-and-jam style maneuvering to get the balls back in. if you ever see one on ebay or the like PM ME!!