Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Soaker CPS 1000: Trip down memory lane

Super Soaker CPS 1000. Awwwww yeah..
When it comes to classic CPS tech water blasters, the Super Soaker CPS 1000 is definitely up there as one of the best ever made. Powerful as all hell, decent capacities yet small enough to do commando rolls with.. this was one of the first CPS blasters that ever came out. I remember them being given away (along with the CPS2000's) for a Men in Black movie tie in promo back in the 90's with everyone remarking at the sheer size of these new water blasters...(in those days the biggest blaster before CPS tech blasters came out was the Super Soaker 200 and 300..)

There's no real purpose to this post other than I picked one of these up on eBay the other day and I just had to do a lil victory dance over it all. It's pretty beat up, but it still works a treat:)
Sun faded tips and scratches, but it still packs a mega punch
That's all:)


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  2. how far does it shoot????

  3. Nice find.