Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Soaker Tornado Strike + Scatterblast via SG Super Soaker

At the end of last year Australia was doing really well with getting Hasbro's blasters early; especially their Super Soaker range. This made a LOT of sense given it's Summer here atm, and given it's been a pretty wet season, water restrictions are not as tight as they were, which lends itself to water fights being more acceptable amongst..well everyone. First we got the Thunderstorm.. tick! Then the Point Break.. Awesome! And then..  nothing.  I thought it was well worth it to import a Hydro Cannon from the US, but was a lil unsure about the other two; the Tornado Strike + the Scatterblast.

I'm personally not partial to piston based water blasters, and so was not prepared to pay the incredibly high import costs to get these two, (and I went a little crazy acquiring much more effective vintage CPS blasters instead) but you can't deny they don't both look awesome, at least aesthetically. SG Nerf's new Super Soaker site features them (obviously they're available in Singapore!) and he's done some awesome vids so have a look and see for yourself if you're interested in hittin' up Amazon:)

Videos courtesy of SG Super Soaker - check the page out for more info!

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