Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Sega's "official" mod.

This is the kind of marketing I LOVE. Reports on the Official Playstation Magazine -Australia's Facebook page have them receiving a very cool package from Sega, the distributors of the new Aliens: Colonial Marines due out later in the year. Given the last promo gift was Newt's doll (or what was left of it) 'Casey', this is much much cooler.
Nice touch. 'Explosive' Streamlines:)
Images courtesy of the Australian Official  Playstation Magazine


  1. eh, mine will look better when finished, and so will my vulcan smartgun mod.

  2. I'm kind of disappointed that they went through the trouble of making an accurate 95 Ammo counter/Magazine Well but decided to go with Nerf Parts for everything else. I've seen stuff by Johnson Arms that looks closer to the iconic M41A. Still neat that they did it, but I was expecting something that actually looked like the Pulse Rifle... and to me, it looks like they certainly had the ability to actually do it.

  3. Its sick, not too fond of running around with the title "BITCH" on my gun tho