Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Max Force Shadowhawk spotted: Target Chadstone VIC

Max Force Shadowhawk: Image courtesy of CPT-Blackridge via deviantART
Kyle, One of our readers has picked himself up the new Jakks Pacific Max Force Shadowhawk today at Target, Chadstone in Victoria, Australia. It's looking pretty trick- and his initial opinions:

"Okay, overall build is pretty good, bipod a tad flimsy, Pump is the firing mechanism, pull back to prime, release to fire, MASSIVE spring, bolt action to load next shot. Overall a very impressive piece of kit, will get it out to do some firing tomorrow"

Update 1-6-11 Kyle tests the performance: "did a proper test fire of the Shadowhawk 100, range isn't an issue, the projectiles can definitely make the distance. The issue is that it's susceptible to misfires and accuracy varies on whether or not the wad actually stays together or whether to force of the oversized plunger shreds it in the barrel. Will run more tests and keep you posted"

Update 3-6-11 Kyle's indepth tests "Okay i finally did a more comprehensive shoot with the Max Force Shadowhawk 100, range is as they say, accuracy varies, don't try to use the sight but with a little practice hitting a man sized target is no problem, even at ranges far beyond the capacity of a nerf blaster. Jamming affects it if you don't fire correctly, or don't properly soak projectiles. But as for the boast that they're harmless... i shot my friend in the bare stomach with this thing and it left a welt the size of a five cent coin for a few hours WEAR THE PROTECTIVE EYE GEAR"

Interesting to see how it fares. Thanks for the intel Kyle!


  1. Massive spring eh? Can't wait to see what Jerm does with it. :P

  2. I'm pretty sure he'll be getting his real soon:)

  3. Did he mention what the cost was?

  4. will he sell it?

  5. you can buy one off me if you want.

  6. I just saw it fr $79 at Target, and the Maximizer 60 for $34.

  7. Can't wait to pick one up and test it myself.

  8. I bought the Shadow Hawk- it's great. It is a little hard to be accurate (why couldn't there be a trigger!) because of how you fire, but when it does shoot it goes really really far. Much further than my modded Nerf. It's cool.

  9. I have some questions for anyone who has a Shadow Hawk:

    1) Price (please specify your currency)

    2) Where you got it from

    3) Can you take off the Sight, Stock and Barrel and put them back on again simillar to the Nerf N-Strikes?

    4) Will firing or reloading it without a clip break or jam it?

    5) Will firing it with an empty clip break or jam it?

    6) Does the sight have any cross-hairs?

    If you could answer any of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Nathan, here's what I gather:

    1) $39.99 in the US according to company reports
    2) They aren't in stores yet here, but will be sold at Toys R Us and Target
    3) Yes you can, and you can use the Max Force accessories on Nerf guns, but most Nerf accessories won't work on the Max Force guns
    4) No
    5) No
    6) Yes, the Shadow hawk and Terrornator sights have cross-hairs. Max barrels and stock won't work on Nerf items

    Hope that helps.....

  11. Nathan, They're 79.95AUS at Targets, 99.95AUS from Myer, and anywhere in between at other stores.

    They're a different blaster line from a different company so compatibility will be limited at best.

  12. Thanks guys!

    You have been extremely helpful and I really appreciate it.

  13. does it have a trigger

  14. Got told, by target staff, they are going to be in the next target toy catalogue. So will be available at all target aus shops