Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thor Hammer: It's like N-Force.. but not.

Things have been pretty slow as far as anything new to pick up in the stores around town, so we just decided to impulse buy a Thor hammer because it was.. sorta Nerf. ish. :) Now, to be honest, there's not a WHOLE lot one can really do with this.. it's short and stumpy and not exactly the most effective melee weapon.. but it was only 15 bucks at Target soo..what the hell:) More pics after the jump.

"From the makers of Nerf" it's foam squishy goodness
The hammer in hand. Not exactly menacing..
The hammer is well made, and similar squishy material to that of Nerf's N-Force range. It's got a decent weight to it and flies better when you throw it at an unsuspecting couch dweller. Much better than the N-Force Klaw Hatchet anyway.
Norse inspired text on the top.
Not much else I can really say about it I guess. 15 bucks AUS from Target:)

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