Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WIld Planet Spy Gear: Innovative in a dorky kinda way

I love the Wild Planet Spy Gear line. It's so cheesy, but their stuff at least is innovative and different to most toy blaster lines out there and combines electronics for some pretty cool designs. I'm not sure how practical any of this stuff would be in any real battles (why alert your enemies with an alarm to let them know you're ABOUT to shoot them when you've gone to the trouble of hiding and shooting remotely?!), but I like 'em anyway.

This one just cracks me up:) I still want one though:)


  1. can the roll in blaster be moded to shoot darts? :P

    and just take out the speaker for the spy fire and mod it to shoot farther distance (or mod to shoot nerf darts as well) and BAM its more useful :)

  2. great idea spy gear, you make a sentry. But we all know when theres a sentry theres a SPY, ready to sap it!

  3. Yes! You found it! I saw it once before and have been looking for it ever since... now I can add GRENADES to my Nerf Arsenal! Sweet... Now I have something to put in the pocket of my tactical vest! ;p

  4. Pause before 0:20 the roll-in-blaster shell hits the persons hand! Id like to hear what he had to say after that. :-)

    There are some downsides, though- the sentry gun is basically a booby-trap weapon (after all, it isn't really aimable [but that is easily fixed with an old RC car, some technological know-how, and a webcam), and the grenade has no pin, thus it's going to be really hard to set up as a booby-trap.

  6. Hey, guys! I'm going to put in a ton of effort to set up this sentry gun thing, and then set off a HUGE siren so that you'll be totally prepared when I shoot at you! Sounds great, huh?

    --That One Dude--
    (Grenade thing is purty awesome, though.)