Tuesday, May 10, 2011

YouTube - X-Shot Fire Ball.. (WTF?)

For those of you who've been visiting the All Brands Toys website, you may have noticed in the X-Shot blaster line there's also a new product called an "X-Shot Fire Ball".

Now.. obviously the website doesn't give us a WHOLE lot of information, which therefore provoked me to do two things.. one- cry "What IS that?" and then two- search on the web to see if I could find out more. In the end, I found it on youTube... and it's.. not exactly what I was expecting:P

YouTube - X-Shot Fire Ball Spot


  1. ......Riiiight. Well, at least it's different. Howeer, I challenge someone to get these and NOT try to go fishing with it. :P

  2. Was anyone else waiting for the kids to backup and fall into pool?