Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre-order Optimus Prime Cyber blaster:,The Toy Shop +

For every GOOD movie tie in blaster, there are countless crappy ones to make us turn a blind eye to them, however in this instance I actually have a lot of hope for this one. This 'Optimus Prime' Cyber blaster was featured during our posts on the Toy Fair early this year- and it looks like the UK seem to be the first ones who're starting to take pre-orders for this bad boy. Sure it's not "officially" Nerf, but it's Hasbro, and that's pretty much the same gene pool:)

It takes batteries which I originally guessed was for light and sound because it looks like it has a manual primer on the top of the blaster; it does seem to state in the product descriptions it's automatic...more after the jump.

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The best we can learn is:

Description (from the Toyshop)
Unleash foam dart fury on the forces of the Decepticons with the Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster.

With ten revolving barrels, this foam dart blaster gun is great for helping protect the planet with the Autobots in your own back garden. As you pull the trigger, the Cyber Blaster loads the next dart for you, and activates lights and sound effects from the Dark of the Moon film.

The Cyber Blaster comes with 10 foam Nerf darts and 2 AA batteries, which are required for it to work. Great outdoor fun for Transformers fans aged 5 and up.

Rapid fire Transformers foam dart gun
Light and sound effects as you fire
Comes with 10 foam darts


Description from
Imagine yourself defending Earth as the mighty Optimus Prime! His blaster is the most powerful weapon in the universe. Use it to destroy the Decepticons and save the day! This blaster has the features you need to defend your world - 10-dart capacity for extended firefights, an auto-advance barrel for speedy firing, and the voice of Optimus Prime for maximum morale. It even lights up to intimidate your enemies! When you spot your opponent, you can take them down with a blast of 10 darts before they even know what's happening! Includes 2 'AA' batteries. Ages 5 and up.

Key Features:
Battle-ready dart blaster features lights, sounds from Optimus Prime, an auto-advance barrel and 10 darts!
Includes 10 darts!
Blaster features lights and sounds!
Barrel auto-advances for quick firing!
Requires 2 x AA batteries (included)

Reckon it'll work without batteries? Reckon you can disable the light/sounds? For us, one to watch in any case:)

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  1. Auto-advance barrel=bigger maverick-style trigger-rotation.

  2. Looking closely, that barrel seems to be exactly the same as the one mounted on the Dart Tag Hyperfire. And that one had "auto-advance rapid-fire blasting" too... which was just the barrel turning with each trigger pull + a spring-return slide. And, if memory serves, anything other than a pristine dart fell out of the barrel when it was on the Hyperfire... Hope this is an improvement!

  3. This just looks like a re-shelled Dart Tag Blaster. The barrel looks exactly the same.

  4. its huge, plunger replacement?

    and yes the maverick is 'auto advancing"

    and two AA's is not enough to operate any sort of blaster AND lights and sounds.

  5. I thought this was going to be a reshelled hyper fire, does it fire auto or semi? not sure what the batteries do. or is it a reshelled hyperfire just with stupid lights and sounds?

  6. The latter, I think. ;p But the Hyperfire had plenty of power, it just couldn't hold darts well. Hopefully this incarnation will solve that problem...