Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rakuten.jp prices for Gear Up

Japanese shopping site Rakuten have listed some prices for a few of the Gear Up repaint line of N-Strike blasters- the Recon CS-6 and the Maverick REV-6. Translating the page of course is never the best way to get info so happy to put it to anyone who can read Japanese. The translation for the Recon:

Limited N-Strike Giaappukarabajon!

Six bullets and darts normal stream, in addition to a total of 12 bullets darts plus six bullets had painted up a gear as a bonus darts, darts has been sealed prior to use disk-shaped vortex!

Also on the page are some links to preordering the Vortex series- there're no images but they've got placeholders and product text:

The new line, "Vortex" series was born! !
N-Strike series Rongudisukushutingu beyond!
The disk-shaped darts, which significantly exceeds the distance achieved Rongudisukushutingu normal firing NERF!
The new line, "Vortex" is Ridoaitemurasuta series.
Disks can be loaded with five bullets. N-shooting can be enjoyed over the long strike.

Sorry, my Japanese sucks:P

Nerf via Rakuten


  1. is that an attachment on the laser for the recon? or two? o.0 flip! what the zip?

  2. I tried to translate those. I hope it will help you guys.

    [Reservation] NERF N-Strike Gear Up Recon [August 2011]

    Listed Price 3,675JPY
    RC-discount Price 2,940JPY (Shipping Fee is not included)

    Limited N-Strike Gear Up color version!

    Comes with Six Gear Up painted bonus darts with six normal streamline-darts, for a total of 12 darts, plus a disk-shaped dart for vortex as early release!

    Package size /430x293x110mm
    Reseller / TAKARATOMMY


    [Reservation] NERF Vortex Proton [September 2011]

    Listed Price 2,079JPY (Tax included)
    RC-discount Price 1,633JPY (Tax included, Shipping Fee is not included)

    A new line, "Vortex" series, is born!!
    Long Disk Shooting beyond N-Strike series!
    Use with disk-shaped darts for significantly longer Disk Shooting that exceeds the shooting range of normal firing NERF!

    This is the entry-level, small sized blaster from the new line, "Vortex" series.
    It can be loaded with one disk, and you can enjoy its longer range shooting beyond N-Strikes.

    Reseller / TAKARATOMMY


  3. What the Rongudisukushutingu does that mean?