Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks Dave: Nerf brings the world together

Whoo hoo! New gear. 
One of the things that keeps me in the blogging game is the great rapport I get with like minded people and the friendships that come from them. An example of this is one of our readers Dave in the US very kindly offered to take the time to pick up some blasters for me that were not readily available in Australia, venturing over to the malls and finding me the best deals he could; also taking the time to remove them from their packaging, wrap them with a great deal of care and mail them over to me in the most efficient way possible. Arrived at my door this morning.. very happy Pocket:)

While the internet might be a faceless medium and encourages keyboard warriors, flamers and scammers, it's really nice to know you can still help each other out and trust someone you've never met face to face. Muchas grateful Dave, thanks heaps!


  1. interestingly the maverick showed below has not been seen anywhere but here and we haven't seen other blasters with the color scheme, BUT all of the new super soaker blasters have the same color scheme but not with all the cool detailing. odd, don't you think?

  2. Harpuia
    Nice observation also the klaw hatchet looks similar in color,anyways thanks Dave!

  3. Yes, good observation. However, I believe that the Super Soakers are more of a blue-orange-white scheme, while the Maverick has a black-orange-white one.