Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jakks Pacific Max Force: A new player

Shadowhawk 100: image courtesy of Jakks Pacific
Jakks Pacific had modest success with their various Laser Challenge branded laser tag systems and in my opinion were very much responsible for keeping home laser tag alive over the past decade; they have to date been pretty quiet in the actual projectile shooter style of blasters..until now. Their upcoming 'Max Force' line of shooters due to be released real soon are a very modern take on a classic projectile- the spitwad:) Throw away those pen biros.. pea shootin' never looked so good:)

We first got word of these from the TIA toyfair 2011 where those wacky peeps from Time to Play posted a video featured the Max Force line. Nerf Mods + Reviews had some intel on them, as did MTV Geek, 16bit and even CNN Money.

So what do we know about them? From their press release:
The oddly named 'Maximiser"- image courtesy of Jakks Pacific
Max Force™ from JAKKS Pacific is the newest line of specialized high performance, toy shooters that deliver maximum distance, maximum accuracy and maximum tagging - for both indoor and outdoor play! Max Force delivers innovation in the toy shooter aisle – it fires special patent pending paper pellets that can accurately reach targets up to 100 feet away! The extreme accuracy of the Max Force line allows you to tag your target with a variety of items specially designed for any combat scenario. As a BONUS - Ammo wipes off easily and is even biodegradable!

The pellets.. image courtesy of
Remember shooting spitballs as a kid? What would YOU have done with a toy shooter that blasts out paper spitballs with high accuracy?! The possibilities are endless, the distance is unrivaled, and the fact that you can actually SEE the precision of your shot is amazing.

From what I can gather from the videos, these shooters are designed in such a way that they can only shoot the paper pellets designed for the Max Force line. Jakks Pacific have promoted three blasters in their line up, with an entry level blowpipe, a short range pistol and a long range sniper rifle; apparently these shooters do actually improve in performance with ranges of 35, 60 and 100 feet respective.

I've noticed from the vids that there are also two other pieces that don't get as much attention, with a rapid fire model that does 85 feet and a stealth crossbow at 65 feet. Not sure if they're going to be released or if they were just prototypes but they do look very cool.
screen grab from the CNN Money vid.
The Max Force line all come with safety eyewear, Cartridge/clips and a whole lot of pellets. One would assume these pellets are NOT reusable, but you do get a fair amount of them in a pack and apparently they'll be going for around 5 bucks US for a refill.
The lineup. Image courtesy of
Personally their biggest selling point for us is their aesthetics- the design team appear to have done a very good job in producing some very cool looking pieces. Lovin' that colour scheme too:) The big win for most others will be whether the Max Force can genuinely make those performance distances and whether toy blaster consumers are ready to consider alternative projectiles.  

We ourselves are very interested in this new line... watch this space!


  1. Must....Nerf....Rifle....

  2. They would have a crossbow at the bottom lol

  3. I'm loving the aesthetics on these. As a modder, I instantly see these as potential recasing candidates. However, I am a bit bummed that whatever design team worked on these blasters didn't give the Laser Challenge line (that Jakks Pacific effectively killed IMHO) didn't work on those blasters before they stopped making them. Aesthetics seem to be the big selling point for these, and I think they could've been better spent rebooting my beloved LC line than starting a spitwad line...

  4. they are already at my local toy world.
    they have no triggers.

  5. jakks pacific definitely got the looks dialed on these. I'll probably pick up the shadow hawk 100 based solely on that factor

  6. I went to my Toyworld but they hadn't heard of them. Wanna-be where are you? I want that Shadow hawk

  7. Sure they look great but if they insist on not having triggers, then they're just going to be used for modders to use them as re-shells for other projects. Without a trigger, you lose your accuracy.

    I am dubious about whether they really can be used indoors as I'm certain my parents wouldn't be happy with me shooting spit wads all over the house.

    The other thing is all blasters boast over-inflated ranges. we'll see when they come out.

  8. Are the stocks/scopes removable/interchangable?

  9. I am really disappointed that there are no triggers on these guns. Regardless, these look really cool and I am impressed by the ranges the guns claim to have.

  10. Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

    thats where I am

    Yes I can confirm the have no triggers.

  11. well... I fashioned a trigger system for the Xploderz XRanger out of scrap parts, so I'm pretty sure that you guys will be able to make a trigger system for this! :)

    I, for one, am waiting for the Shadowhawk. That depends on whether my country will be stocking them.

  12. In the bottom picture, the rapid-fire gun's outline has a scope, though the actual gun doesn't. This probably means they messed up or the scope is interchangeable.

  13. looks great, has potential to overthrow nerf... hopefully, nerf guns only shoot like 50 ft max unless u mod them. over time i think they will develope trigger systems but for now its a pump and prime system. some ppl like the colors but i would really like to see some camo and just stock black, maybe they will even make them modeled after real guns.
    barret m107
    maybe a colt 45
    scar l would be kinda cool , hope it happens!

  14. Depends what you're looking for, but at least as far as ranges and looks, these Max Force blasters pwn Nerf. But they don't have triggers and they don't shoot foam or any other reusable ammo which is annoying. I like the designs of them though, and plan to get them.