Saturday, May 28, 2011

Max Force blasters spotted: Toyworld Fyshwick (AUS)

We've been getting word on the new Max Force range of blasters have made it to Australia early- original press releases said they'd be in the latter half of the year but it looks like they've made it to our shores much much sooner. First word was that they were spotted in Tasmania; now our boys from the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag crew have spotted the Blow Gun at Toyworld, Fyshwick in Canberra (my town!).

They're going for around 18bucks AUS (which is almost double the US prices!!). More information about US releases after the jump.

We've heard there will be various sized refill packs, range from 100 refills to over 1000 at select retailers. US wise, Max Force blasters will be available first in Pittsburg PA, Orlando FL, and San Diego CA.  Official releases are supposed to be around August.

The US recommended retail prices from their press release:

Max Force Blowgun 35: This blowgun is perfect for stealth attacks - effective target range of up to 35 feet - and comes with 60 pellets and Mission Glasses. (SRP $9.99)

For close combat, switch to the Max Force Maximizer 60:  a blaster that is perfect for all covert operations. It includes 102 pellet refills, one 8-round clip for easy loading, eyewear, and accuracy up to 60 feet! (SRP $19.99)

Max Force Terrornator 65 is a key blaster for any arsenal! This rapid fire shooter can accurately hit targets from 65 feet away! (SRP $29.99)

Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 is great for long range missions, complete with bipod for effective long range firing over 100 feet. It includes 120 refill pellets, two 8 round cartridges and Mission Glasses. (SRP $39.99)

Max Force Target Sets – comes with two 11” targets in one package for precise target shooting. (SRP $9.99)

For a different kind of combat, switch over to the high performance Max Force Cross Bow 65, (SRP $24.99) or the Max Force Long Bow 75, which fire up to 75 feet! (SRP $39.99)


  1. Hey!The range is different than the pictures of the first article about these products.
    The Terrornator is placed with 85 feet next to it in the pictures of it.

  2. I got the blow dart for my birthday. it's kinda stupid, but it goes really far.