Monday, May 9, 2011

"Original ideas": Updated X-Shot Sidewinder

It's pretty hard to be original these days. X Shot Blasters are the new kid on the block; the first series of blasters boasted both foam dart and water functionality which we thought was the unique selling point of the line to separate it from other brands. Arguably it was the Sidewinder that was supposed to be the most unique of the lineup; however it looks like it's been updated to do away with the water functionality and swapped it for an all new innovative.. disc shooting one..
Now I'm all for predicting trends, but you've gotta wonder how it was that the good peeps at X-Shot came up with the idea to do that? What possibly made them out of the blue think "hey.. lets update our blaster with a DISC shooter..just for funsies.."

It doesn't sound particularly orginal now, does it?


  1. I think that disks are a better companion for darts than water - after all, they can both be used inside now. This will probably raise the Sidewinder's desirability factor a squick. However... can X-Shot really be intending to seriously COMPETE with Nerf? Seems like business suicide, if you ask me... and I'm sure Nerf will have the XLR disks patented, so no chance of copying that...

  2. i think they are trying to compete against nerf's vortex line

  3. I have to say, if x-shot want to compete in that market then they'll have to lift their game big time. There's no way in hell they'll be able to just make different looking blasters and get to the top, anyone taking on that market and wanting to be on top would have to appear on the scene with multiple killer designs, and they'll have to work perfectly too.

  4. This gun is a pile of crap don't waste your money