Monday, May 23, 2011

Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX repaints.. cos they need them.

Phoenix LTX repainted, courtesy of  Omaha laser challenge association
Lately I've taken a break from foam blasters and gone back to my tried and true love of Laser Tag. While I totally love my Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX's, the issue is they're pretty damn ugly. They come in a pretty poxy aqua light blue, or baby poo gold, neither of which are that nice to look at.

Although I'm not much of a handy man, I've really been considering doing a repaint of them; something like this, which I found from the Omaha Laser Challenge forums. Be interested to know if anyone else has painted theirs.. any pointers welcome!

The flashlight attachment is a neat touch
The original colour schemes of the LTX's. not priddy.


  1. looks like a futuristic shotgun, very cool

  2. My my, Urban Taggers has been on quite the Lazer Tag hunt today!

    I personally haven't seen too many other LTX repaints outside of the ones the OLCA has and that G36-ed one you also listed. We partially painted a Gold One, leaving only the green plastic on the handles and such. Turned out okay.

    Someone else in our group painted one all Purple, but it's nothing to shout about...