Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Super Soaker Shot Blast: updated colours - we got one:)

We got ourselves a new Super Soaker Shotblast with the new 2011 colour scheme courtesy of our man Dave. Although the blaster itself isn't one of our fav's (technically, it's not completely a piston based water blaster, but as far as we're concerned, no trigger, no fun) it does look cool and the big wins are it comes with the repainted detachable shotblast stock and the Shotblast scope ( the scope was originally a bonus add on only available at Toys R Us).  

We've done a writeup on the Super Soaker Shotblast already, so here's just a pic spam of the new colour scheme after the jump:)

It's priddy:)


  1. the stock might look nice on one of the white guns if they do actually come out.

  2. I've thought about picking one up for our annual 4th of July Water war here in the states. It'd be perfect for a 3 person Red, White, and Blue Shotblast team!

  3. shot blast is by far the best nerf super soaker gun

  4. can you show me by one by one like a picture of scope then stock and finally shot blast. like sg nerf shows picture separately. It just that i want a closer look. And where can you find his shot blast version.