Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lanard Scatterblast: GRENADE!!! Well.. sort of.

The Scatterblast. New packaging, if I do recall
The Lanard Scatterblast has a small cult following, although my personal experiences are that it's rubbish. I bought one of these a few years ago when I first got into office Nerf wars. 

One of our managers made an "anonymous" complaint that it was unprofessional conduct, so rather than back down, we did a "drive by", I sat on a swivel chair as a mate pushed me along past the manager's office and we hurled one of these puppies at his desk. Alas.. rather than the desired effect of them hitting the desk and launching a barrage of darts at him, instead the Scatterblast itself just smacked him in the face, knocking off his glasses and landed on the filing cabinet next to him, undetonated. 

I ended up throwing it out when I finally left the job, but since then many people have been looking for these (with the assumption that they were discontinued) and they seem to have emerged again on shelves- in this instance at my local Target. $15 bucks.. guess it's worth picking one up to try again... :)

Back of the packaging


  1. Is it made by Nerf?

  2. i really want to get one of these, but they are kind of expense, or so it seems to me.

  3. no, i believe is is lanard, maybe air zone

  4. It's not nerf, its lanard

    In the states, meijer sells em for 10 dollars, but they are green. I like this color better, but they are the exact same thing and probably not worth spending much more than that.

  5. I really want one of these, whether it's original (blue) or The Corps version (green), on ebay= 30$ + shipping, if I can find one for 10-15$ I would like to buy at least 4.