Friday, May 27, 2011

Green Lantern goodies- disc shooters and..fist.

Sean Long vids crack me up- he doesn't take himself seriously and while does go on a bit, the reviews are pretty detailed and give you a good understanding of the toys.

He's reviewing the Green Lantern stuff in these vids- Mattel are doing some pretty interesting stuff with their Green Lantern movie tie-in gear although there DOES seem to be a lot of emphasis on..fists:)

Disc shooters.. seems to be a trend going around... :P


  1. These really are kids toys though.

  2. pocket,
    the white maverick you have is part of the whiteout series. There is also a longstrike.


  3. hey pocket, i dont know if you've heard, but the white variants of the blasters we've been drooling over have apparently come out in singapore, sgnerf have posted it on their blog.

  4. I know this is really off topic, but I know you guys have been waiting for it...
    the Nerf "Whiteout" series has popped up in Singapore, and it includes the Maverick and the Longstrike.

    In case you're wondering, the "Whiteout" series is the one with the "UT Colorway" :)

    Pics can be found at SGNerf's blog...

  5. pocket,
    I see SG nerf has already got it posted on their site.

  6. I was just at Adult Fans of Nerf and they were making fun of an 8-10 year old kid,never going back there again

  7. How is the utx project coming?

  8. Remember that White Mav.?
    Its part of the "Whiteout Series"
    Check this out: